Passing off your car as an electric one, a strategy of choice for parking?

Difficult to find parking? Why not make your vehicle pass for an electric one? You could park at a charging station!

Finding a parking space apparently proved too difficult for the owner of a Chevrolet Silverado in Alaska. For the past few days, social networks have been relaying rather surprising images of this motor vehicle parked on an electric vehicle charging station. However, it is not necessary to be a connoisseur of cars to realize that this heavyweight has nothing to do with an electric model. However, this is what its owner tried to make believe…

And it failed! Not only did a passer-by eventually realize the deception and took pictures of the vehicle. But in addition, they are now making the rounds on social networks (especially Facebook and Twitter) and are even published in the American media. His parking strategy then did not pay off, at least as far as stealth is concerned.

A driver passes his Chevy for an electric and parks on a charging station

The photos in question were shared on the Facebook group Alaska’s Worst Drivers. The funny thing about this story is that the driver involved didn’t just park your petrol car at a charging station dedicated to electric vehicles. Not wishing to be caught, he sought to cover up his wrongdoing. How did he do it? He took out the electric cable and stuck it under the hood of his Chevrolet, to simulate recharging!

A funny idea, which no one obviously believed. Already, it is quite visible that the Chevrolet in question is a gasoline-powered vehicle. Then, electric cars have sockets that are not normally not located under the hood. A more effective way to hide the true nature of the pickup would have been to place the charger under the fuel cap. Although it’s harder to get it to hold without using a significant amount of tape. In short, the camouflage didn’t work at all.

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What are the risks of parking your petrol vehicle at a charging station?

However, the owner of the Chevrolet pickup should not be penalized for his behavior. The reason is simple: there are no penalties for gasoline-powered vehicles that park on charging stations in Alaska. This makes the desire to camouflage the thermal nature of his pick-up all the more mysterious, since he risked absolutely nothing in any case!

But beware, what is true in Alaska is not necessarily so elsewhere. In particular, several US states are beginning to implement actions to combat these behaviors, which have at least a double negative effect. On the one hand, they prevent owners from charging their electric vehicle. On the other hand, they transform these stations into free parking, resulting in a potentially high loss of earnings for the car parks!

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