Patrick Beverley back at Wolves?

While his name comes up regularly in trade rumors on the side of Los Angeles, Patrick Beverley does not forget his ex. According to the latest rumors, in case of departure from the City of Angels, the leader would see himself returning to Minnesota.

Recovered this summer in Utah (against in particular Talen Horton-Tucker) to become the titular leader of the Lakers, Patrick Beverley is for the moment far from giving satisfaction to the Arena. His complementary 3&D profile to LeBron James was his best asset to scrape playing time in LA but the pit bull fails to show his best face in California. Defensively the veteran still has some leftovers, we also saw him in a fight with Deandre Ayton, which earned him a suspension, but it is above all his outside shot that is painful to see this season. 25% parking address for a player who turns 37% in career, it’s a damn stain. Whoever runs 4.6 points, 3.7 rebounds and 2.4 assists in just under 27 minutes this year could therefore pay the price for this failed start and be traded by Rob Pelinka in the coming weeks.. It is also rumored that Lakers’ offer to get Bojan Bogdanovic included Beverley, Nunn and a protected first-round draft. A deal that did not convince Detroit.

Will Pat finish the season with the Angelino jersey on his shoulders? Nothing is certain but according to Jake Fisher of Yahoo Sportsthe leader has very specific desires in the event of a departure. According to the insider, the veteran would not see himself joining a project under construction at all in the event of a trade. Go to the Pistons, the Magic, the Thunder to play nanny with 20-year-old youngsters, no thanks. At 34, Beverley knows that his time on the court is limited and he prefers to join a team that will play the Playoffs with a very specific destination in mind: the Wolves. Holder last year in Minnesota before being traded to Utah to obtain Rudy Gobert, Patou left good memories in the Great Lakes region and the prospect of being able to return there seems to attract him. Fisher is therefore considering the scenario of a possible buy-out in the event of a trade to an unattractive team, which would allow Beverley to put herself in an ideal position to be easily recruited by her former franchise. An issue far from won since the player is still wearing the Lakers jersey at the time of writing these lines.

Pat Beverley and the Wolves, and if the marriage resumed this year? In case of departure from Los Angeles, the leader would see himself finding Karl-Anthony Towns and company in Minny.

Source texte : Yahoo Sports

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