Patriots ‘did their homework on’ Kliff Kingsbury as OC candidate

The New England Patriots have reportedly done their homework on former Arizona Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury as a possible candidate for offensive coordinator.

The New England Patriots have missed the playoffs twice in the past three seasons after losing to the Buffalo Bills in Week 18. It’s no secret that the New England offense team was a main factor in this, but the coaching staff fell short. The Patriots had Matt Patricia calling plays while Joe Judge coached the quarterbacks. Now, this offseason, they may shake up the offensive coaching staff. An interesting name has been floated as a candidate.

Albert Breer of the MMQB said last Sunday that the Patriots did their research on former Arizona Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury as their offensive coordinator. It was written before Kingsbury was sacked by the Cardinals on Monday.

Breer made an appearance on NBC Sports Boston on Wednesday, saying the Patriots had “done some homework” on Kingsbury and that Belichick had a “fascination” with the former Cardinals quarterback and head coach.

Patriots ‘did their homework’ on Kliff Kingsbury

“They absolutely made phone calls on him. I know they researched Kliff,” Breer said. “…It’s more background stuff. To my knowledge they have not contacted Kingsbury directly, but I know they have researched him. I think Bill is fascinated by what Kingsbury has done. As much criticism as it has received for the way its offense is going, the Cardinals have been as creative as any team in the league. They were very difficult to deal with because they do so many things differently than NFL teams.

While Breer talks about the Patriots being fascinated with Kingsbury, he brings up the fact that he’s not sure he would be an option for the team. Not just for them, but for any NFL team, as Breer says it’s possible Kingsbury could sit out next season, citing he’s “burned out” after this season.

“I think the problem is that Kliff is a bit exhausted right now,” Breer said. “I think last year was really tough for him. He owes $30 million over the next four years. He can make that much money if he wants to globetrot or whatever, whatever, he’ll make that money. So I think Kliff might be more inclined to take a year off. I think he’s someone the Patriots threw stones at.

Kingsbury has that connection to the Patriots, as he was a former quarterback and a 2003 sixth-round pick by the team.

Let’s take a look at how the Cardinals offense ranked with Kingsbury as head coach in average yards and points per game (par espn):

  • 2019 : 341,7 verges (21e), 22,6 points (17e)
  • 2020 : 384.6 yards (sixth), 25.6 points (13th)
  • 2021 : 373.6 yards (eighth), 26.4 points (11th)
  • 2022 : 323,5 verges (22e), 20,0 points (21e)

It remains to be seen who the Patriots will ultimately decide to be their new offensive coordinator. Although they have done their research on Kingsbury, it is not a guarantee that he will take the job.

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