Paul Kruger – Kruger, P: On to Alabama and Download Other Books

A travel report of a different kind. Five friends decide to go on a tour of 500 kilometers with their vintage tractors during their vacation. The final destination of the trip is a large tractor meeting in Alabama. The trip does not take the group to the USA, but to a place of the same name in Germany. The group of hobby tractorists experienced all sorts of curiosities during the journey and at the meeting itself, which on the one hand made you smile, but on the other hand also made you think about the present day and its contemporaries.

Immerse yourself in a milieu study that is characterized by light irony and a lot of humor and meet a wide variety of characters from East and West.

The book Kruger, P: Off to Alabama really deserves attention and respect. Krüger, P: Off to Alabama was written by the author Paul Krüger and immediately gained popularity in many countries around the world. There is absolutely no difference between a hardcover book Kruger, P: On to Alabama, or an audio book or multimedia book application. When reading Paul Krüger, there is no difference between a high-quality paper and e-ink screen or a high-resolution retina display.

The greatest joy comes from what we read, not what we read.

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