Paulina Rubio accused a security guard of touching her inappropriately

The Mexican ordered the music to stop at one of her concerts and pointed out that a security guard touched her.

Courtesy | Paulina’s incident with the guard occurred in Phoenix, Arizona, during a presentation of her Perrísimas tour

Paulina Rubio ordered the music to stop at one of her concerts and accused a security guard of sexual harassment. the golden girl was singing the song “Nena” by Miguel Bosé and came down from the stage to sing it among the audience. The Mexican singer was followed by a security team while she sang and when she went on stage she shouted: “Stop the music.”

To the astonishment of her fans, Paulina denounced: “Sir, you touched me.” The singer continued: “You touched me in a very bad way and you are security. I should be ashamed!” Everything was captured in a video that has gone viral on social networks, and has been disseminated by media such as Today (Telemundo).

The incident occurred in Phoenix, Arizona, during a presentation of his Perrísimas tour with Alejandra Guzmán. “He touched me and he is a security guard,” added Paulina, generating a buzz in the public. “He’s not my boyfriend,” she said before returning to the stage to sing.

The interpreter of “I am”, “I loved you so much”, “Not a single word” and “I am not that woman” recently spoke with People en Español, thanking the love of her fans throughout her long career.

«I feel very lucky to have the public that I have, I have them in my prayers; that makes me feel so blessed,” the 51-year-old singer said.

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The artist added that her mother, the actress Susana Dosamantes, and her children Eros and Andrea Nicolás, are her greatest motivation to continue. “They are the true things that are earned with much effort and much love,” she said about her family, her most precious treasure.

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