PDF: A dead man and the crumbling bridge

An investigation is underway by the North Zone Attorney General’s Office for the death of Javier Iván Moreno, barely 36 years old.

Juan Pablo II and Francisco Villarreal lost his life unexpectedly on April 1 in a vehicular accident while crossing Gaza from east to west.

The responsibilities of the drivers participating in the accident will be defined, but the technical conditions of the roads in the sector will be necessarily reviewed, both in the continuous flow of the Juan Pablo II, as well as in the gaza bridge that surrounds it above and in the two side lanes that they are turned into one by going down the dangerous ramp of the bridge.

There Moreno lost his life. The signaling is practically null and there is a wide blind spot to change from the side lane to the first one where the gaza ramp goes down. The photos that we present in the printed and digital edition of La Columna give an account of the frequent blows that occurred there. Now includes the crown and the message “I love you skinny” left as a souvenir in the place by the family of the deceased.

This work must be subject to the most in-depth inspection by the corresponding expert authorities both in technical, civil engineering, and financial matters.

That work, and also the construction of the Arizona and John Paul II bridge located a little more to the west of the gaza. Recently built, it has already undergone two major repairs, one of them this week.

The arrangements were not minor details. “The concrete is crumbling. There are failures in the mechanical expansion joint … Less than a year after being put into service, the bridge presented failures in the mechanical expansion joint, which was causing the passage of vehicles and the movement caused was collapsing the concrete … It is undoubtedly a poor quality of cement, “concluded a state government public works specialist.

We present in a digital version of La Columna the photos with raw images at the time of repair. The ditches opened on the back of the bridge to fill them with cement were real ditches; now yes, we assume quality.

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Both works, the Gaza and the Arizona (which has been called the crooked bridge since it was “delivered”) are in charge of the state government, as well as the multimodal corridor carried out by Francisco Villarreal and Las Torres avenue, as well as the Reconstructed Vivebus stops along Zaragoza Boulevard, as well as the pathetically sad trunk route developed by different parts of the city, all with multiple irregularities.

Like the Arizona bridge, the trunk section of Americas along Avenida 16 de Septiembre towards the city center was also the subject of news this week.

More by force than with real enthusiasm, the Cabildo voted by a vast majority on Thursday to urge the state governor, Javier Corral, to reconsider continuing that work due to multiple technical impediments.

Immediately the response from the state authority was in the negative. They refuse to attend to the “exhortation” issued from the heart of the Juarense social representation in the municipal government, the Cabildo. This has been the case in all that battery of works built with money from the people of Juarez, but without consulting the people of Juarez.

Particularly the section of 16 represents abuse, irresponsibility and extraordinary disregard on the part of the State Government. Its pavement was opened 80 days ago, but the work was abandoned by the construction company that started it because the executive project did not contemplate the existence of old drains under the pavement that would collapse when several inches of concrete were placed on top of them.

There remains the street strangled to one lane with all that implies stress and anger for drivers.


We return to gaza and Arizona.

In both works the incompetence started from the elaboration of the executive projects.

We have the PDFs in the digital version of La Columna (PDF1PDF2) in full, containing the “additional 2” amending agreements to the respective contracts. They exhibit those documents that their authors obeyed more to interests to obtain quick and easy money, than to take into account all the details that engineers, architects and workers would face when developing the constructions.

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That is exactly the reason why these works, and all those described, represent a serious risk for drivers. They suffer from serious failures in both cement quality and structural and road engineering. One death and multiple accidents, the balance so far.

There are so many failures that the municipality still does not receive either of the two bridges because they continue without being completely finished even though they have already been “inaugurated” by Javier Corral.

In the “declarations” of additional agreement number two on the construction of the gauze, you can see in point number one, subsection f, letter a, a text that can serve the Attorney General’s Office and the family of the deceased in the accident.

“Modifications in the project, particularly on Juan Pablo II avenue in the east-west direction, where the original project contemplated only a four-meter wide traffic lane, being the State Urban Development Secretariat, which according to studies by traffic considered one lane insufficient, requesting that the project be modified to include an additional lane, leaving a total of two traffic lanes with a width of seven meters ”.

But … the letter b states: “Likewise, the Ciudad Juárez Road Safety Coordination requested an increase in the transition length to close from two lanes to one in the east-west direction.”

They will have to prove those sayings with the corresponding trades. The images of the incidents at the scene are unobjectionable. We repeat, they can be observed both in photos and in the “modifying agreements”.

The gaza started on July 24, 2019 with an agreed cost of almost 46 million pesos between Gustavo Elizondo, Arturo Fuentes Vélez and José Antonio Lerma, by the state government; and Jorge Quiñones Verduzco, from Constructora Koraachi in association with Constructora Rascón.

They should have finished in 247 days. Surprisingly, due to the lack of foresight on the part of those who prepared the executive project, from their bosses up to the very top and obvious complicity with the construction companies, there was a large number of movements on the completion dates.

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They would end in March 2020, but then they were deferred to April 2020, then to May 31, 2020, then to June 20 of the same year (due to problems in the assembly of beams), then to May 31, then to May 10. June, then July 5, then July 31, but “ended” until October 31, 2020.

Eight months where they did not give foot with ball. Silly and crazy. Undoubtedly, this is material for the Ministry of Public Function, for the Superior State Audit and for local and federal deputies who represent districts of Juárez.

Gravity is nothing less.

Modifying agreement number two for the Arizona bridge case was signed by Arturo Fuentes Vélez and Gustavo Elizondo, by the state government; and by the engineer José Carrasco Gómez, from the Teporaca construction company.

The agreed amount was above 31 million pesos, but later it added almost four and a half million pesos for a couple of “contingencies”, one of them not small either: a CFE tower that hindered the work was not taken into account and that in the end it left the bridge crooked.

It took about a year to complete, out of the 240 days that had been originally planned.

The delay was so great that Gustavo Elizondo announced at some point that a complaint against the construction company would be filed with the Ministry of Public Function, but he did not go beyond the verbal threat to calm social criticism.

Now that the cement has started to crumble, he has offered no explanation; neither he, nor his representation in Juárez, nor the representation of the construction company.

For the eventuality of new road incidents, they will throw the easy blame on the “recklessness” of the drivers, although everywhere the traces of ineptitude and necessarily corruption appear, the latter proven in the inaction in the face of the accumulation of anomalies not touched or with the petal of a rose.


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