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“Worthy of the truth.” Johnson addressed the Russians in Russian

Boris Johnson (Photo: REUTERS / Tom Nicholson / File Photo) British Prime Minister Boris Johnson published a video message to the people of Russia, in which he urges them to seek truthful information about the war in Ukraine. Russia’s war against Ukraine is the main events on April 5 He is convinced that Russians, knowing the truth, could not support the actions of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. “Russians deserve the truth, they deserve to know the facts,” he stressed. He also said that the atrocities of the Russian military in Bucha, Irpen and other places in Ukraine horrified the world. “These reports are so shocking and horrifying that it is no wonder the authorities are trying to hide it from you… He (Putin – ed.) knows that this is a stain on the honor of Russia, a stain that will only grow and eat deeper with every day of this war,” he clarified. According to Johnson, Putin is hiding the truth, because if they saw what was really happening, they “could not support the war,” the truth would terrify mothers growing up the Russian military, who are now proud of them. Johnson urges Russians who want to understand the real situation, use a VPN, learn the facts from non-Russian media and share the truth with acquaintances. “The guilty will be held accountable. And history will not forget those who averted their eyes.

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