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A young Uruguayan pedals through an adventurous dream, managing to have traveled 15 countries and more than 30 thousand kilometers today.

Fabiola Sanchez

More than 15 countries have traveled on their bicycle from Uruguay and their destination is to reach Alaska. Since 2016, Tabaré Alonso, left in search of an adventure which has become a whole story that has been captured in a book called “A trip through America by bicycle” and a few more days he will be arriving in Monclova.

Exclusively for LA PRENSA DE COAHUILA, the Uruguayan recounted how he has lived this adventure, which has already crossed 15 countries, and in each one of them he has had an unforgettable experience.

System and Telecommunications Technician, Tabaré Reynaldo Alonso Díaz, 34 years old, in March 2016 made the decision to undertake an adventure of traveling from his country of origin to Alaska, aboard his bicycle which he baptized with the name of “America”.

“My life before embarking on this crazy adventure, was normal and everyday, from work to home and so on every day, until once I left my job I ran into a man who traveled from Colombia to Uruguay by bicycle.”

The talk that Tabaré had with that adventurer was what ignited in him that dream of traveling the world and fulfilling one of his objectives, which was far from his possibilities if he continued with his conventional life.

“The day I made the decision to travel around America on my bike, I got home, said goodbye to my parents, my brothers and friends, obviously at first they thought it was a joke and that I would not succeed, but today I have shown that everyone dreams can come true if they set out to make them come true ”.

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He confessed that, like every adventurer he feared when he did not know what he would face in his path, but on the way he was able to verify that more than an adventure, this for him became a new life, which had to adapt to everything that his step found.

Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Belize, are the countries that it has crossed, traveling more than 30 thousand kilometers, in three years, and then arriving in Mexico in 2020.


Tabaré recounted that, during his journey, in addition to knowing places and people, he has known stories, among them the painful journey that migrants live aboard “the beast”, which moved this adventurer and dared to travel to your side to fully know that journey.

His dream was cut short and he was about to give up when the Covid-19 pandemic started.

“When I arrived in Mexico, my surprise was that everything was paralyzed, life for Mexicans had a pause and that overshadowed my dream, I knew that things were not right and I was not unaware when everything would be reactivated again.”

He mentioned that, the Coronavirus pandemic, discouragement and made the decision to return to his country of origin, but his return was prevented by the cancellation of flights at the airports, giving this hope of being able to continue his trip.

All these experiences and the pause in his trip inspired Tabaré to write a book, managing to finish it in a year and this was named “A trip through America by bicycle”.

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In this edition, the adventurer, writer and author, reviews how he has managed to survive, during his adventure, which he has managed to continue, thanks to the job opportunities he has been given in each country that arrives.

“I also speak of how they confused me with a thief and kidnapper in Central America, bad experiences that were transformed into good ones, since they have all taught me humility.”

He stressed that, also in his book, he wrote a part where he explains that, although his trip and his dream is personal, he knows that this has become a story for many cyclists, who have come to accompany him on his way.

He recognizes that Mexico is one of the countries where he has met charming towns and people, who always provide him with the necessary support for his stay.

Tabaré Alonso is currently in Santa Catarina, Nuevo León, where he has stayed for a month, this in order to be immunized against Covid-19, in order to continue his trip in a safer way.

The adventurer in 20 days or so in which he manages to complete his vaccination scheme, will be arriving in Monclova, where he will cut the road to Cuatro Cienegas and later take Chihuahua and Sonora, until reaching Tijuana.

He said that the route that is still to be pedaled in Mexico, the United States and Canada, will be the second part of his book.

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