Pedro Baek prevails, with -9, and Morales, the best in ladies – Polideportivo

It was successfully completed yesterday and with a fantastic final for Pedro Baek’s absolute triumph, with no less than 204 (69-70-65) strokes (-9), in men, in the first link of the National Circuit for Seniors of the Paraguayan Golf Association that took place between Friday and yesterday at the Carlos Franco Country and Golf Club de Arroyos y Esteros. In ladies, Montserrat Morales Zubizarreta won.

Likewise, in youth and junior youth the victory was shared by the brothers Benjamín and Franco Fernández, respectively, while Fiorella Franco was the winner of both categories at the same time as the bronze medal of third place in the Absolute among the ladies, behind the mentioned Morales and Viviana Prette, who was second.

In scratch gentlemen eleven strokes behind Baek, Arnaldo Acosta (h) closed second and Benjamín Fernández third. In junior gentlemen, behind Benjamin Matías Koropeski, second, and third Erich Fortlage finished.

On the female side, in youth, after Gio Franco, Giuliana Frutos and María Inés Jaime were placed, while in pre-youth were Jaime and Sol Mendoza herself.

* Carlos Franco in qualy. The experienced golfer is on the list of participants of the Monday Qualyfier, to be played on the date, of the PGA Tour Champions for this week’s tournament on the circuit, The Cologuard Classic in Arizona, United States.

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