‘People of Alaska Bush’ star Billy Brown raises health concerns after defying doctor’s orders

Alaskan Bush People star Billy Brown is said to be in poor health after defying doctor’s orders. The 68-year-old patriarch of the Brown family insisted on living at a high altitude, which his doctors said would be bad for his health. Brown has reportedly told his family he now has heart problems, The Sun reported over the weekend.

Brown, who has been in and out of hospital for the past few years, has trouble breathing when he lives above sea level. He always assumed his problems were due to his lungs, but he was diagnosed with a serious heart problem in his latest emergency alert, The Sun reports. In past scenes on the Alaskan Bush People, Brown and his wife, Ami Brown, told their children that Brown’s health was not improving.

Although moving could help, Billy said he would rather live on a mountain than elsewhere. The Brown children managed to convince their parents to move their trailer further down the mountain to help them out a bit. Before he returned from the hospital, the kids moved the trailer down the mountain before the final season of Alaskan Bush People aired.

Brown’s health issues have been featured on the show in the past. In March 2019, Brown collapsed when he tried to leave their campervan. He was having trouble breathing and the dark-haired children thought he might have contracted pneumonia. During a seven-hour surgery, doctors drew a pound of fluid from one of his lungs.

In September 2019, Brown’s son Bear Brown told fans in an Instagram video that his father was facing another major surgery. “Hey everyone! I thought you said you knew! We had to get Dad back to the hospital, looks like they want to admit him and he might need major surgery, ”Bear said at the time. Weeks later, Bear shared a photo of Brown with his grandson, Elijah, Noah Brown, and Rhain’s son Alisha. “Do better! With the best kind of medicine! A little baby, ”Bear wrote.

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At the time, Brown’s health concerns weren’t clear. He appeared in the final season of Alaskan Bush People, which focused on the effects of last summer’s wildfires and the coronavirus pandemic on their property in Washington. In October, the Browns were evacuated from their home due to the fires. “It was really crazy – a lot of things happened. … We’re currently still being evacuated, ”Bird Brown told PopCulture at the time. Rain Brown said they “had certainly been damaged, but all hope was not lost… It’s time to stick together”.

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