Pep Guardiola fan of Ruben Dias

At a press conference this Saturday, before Birmingham’s reception for the FA Cup, Pep Guardiola had a few touching words for his Portuguese center-back Ruben Dias.

Former Benfica captain continues its adaptation with the Citizens and attracts the admiration of the public and its trainer, Pep Guardiola : “When you sign a player you know he will improve the team but you don’t know how much. Ruben’s ability and his interpretation of the game is incredible. He always wants to learn and he impresses us all, physically and mentally. He is 23 years old, he plays every three days, he recovers very quickly and he is always available. He trains as soon as he wakes up in the gym, in order to keep in shape. He lives his profession I’m telling you, we signed an incredible player for the next 5.6 or 7 years. We were lucky to have him, it’s not easy these days to find a player like him. “ Something to make the Portuguese international smile.


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