Perfect yourself abroad to improve the quality of food in Argentina

Julia Nutter has a degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Mar del Plata. She did her PhD in Chemistry at the same university. Now, after winning the postgraduate scholarship from the National Ministry of Education and the Fulbright Commissionis doing a Master’s Degree in Technology and Food Sciences at Iowa State University, United States.

In this note, Julia tells us how he went through this important experience, the conferences in which he will participate exposing the progress of his studies and his projects upon returning to our country:

“During my PhD studies in Chemistry at the National University of Mar del Plata, in addition to carrying out a research project, I had the opportunity to work with small and medium-sized companies participating in advising on the food safety of their products. This work awakened in me a deep interest in technology transfer and the interaction between academia and the food industry. As a Biological Sciences graduate, accessing a solid background in food science and technology was essential to fulfilling this goal. That was what led me to apply for a scholarship offered by the National Ministry of Education and the Fulbright Commission to pursue a master’s degree in the United States.

It was a great joy to have been admitted to one of the most prestigious universities in Food Science and Human Nutrition in the United States, Iowa State University, where I have been working for a year in the Physicochemical and Structural Properties Laboratory. In this group I am developing a product designed to replace saturated fats with healthy lipids that can be used in foods with a high fat content, such as pastry products and processed meats, improving their nutritional profile but without altering the quality and flavor that characterizes them. It is really motivating to be able to participate in a project aimed at improving people’s quality of life.

Julia Nutter, food scientist

During my freshman year at Iowa State University, I became involved in various extracurricular activities. Together with two colleagues, we developed a high-protein snack by recycling by-products from the local dairy and brewing industries, with the intention of contributing to the sustainability of the agri-food chain. I am also participating in a program aimed at detecting defects in dairy products, identifying the causes, developing strategies to remedy them and thus being able to provide solutions to local producers. In the second year of the program, I will present the results of my thesis project at the conferences of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) and the American Oil Chemists’ Society (AOCS), institutions with which I am associated.

This opportunity to connect with food scientists and technologists from around the world would not have been possible without the support of the Ministry and the Fulbright Commission, not only with the financing of my master’s degree, but also by accompanying me in the different stages of this process. On my return to Argentina, I will have the necessary tools to work actively in the relationship between the public and private sectors, with the aim of solving problems associated with the food sector and thus contributing to the economic and technological growth of the country.”.

The International Scholarship Program of the Ministry of Education of the Argentine Republic promotes international educational cooperation so that students can expand their training and personal development. In turn, they obtain cultural exchange experiences and enrich the learning of the foreign language through daily exchange with native speakers. To know the offer of scholarships offered by other national and international actors, go to Campus Argentina Global.

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