PESP achieves the arrest of 41 people in operations in Sonora

Elements of the State Public Security Police (PESP) arrested 41 people in a week for crime and seized two firearms, more than 10 million doses of narcotic and recovered four stolen cars.

During various operations in Sonora, 41 people were secured for crime, 23 of whom were in possession of narcotic-like substances.


In addition, in coordination with the three orders of government, they took from the streets two weapons and 490 cartridges of different calibers, they also recovered four vehicles that resulted in a report of theft.

They seized several substances similar to the narcotic, which would amount to more than 10 million doses similar to the narcotic.

These results were generated through operational deployments in municipalities such as Hermosillo, Cash me, Caborca, Bacum, San Luis Rio Colorado, Nogales, Yécora, Huachinera, Santa Ana, Puerto Penasco, Navojoa, Guaymas, Opodepe Y Splice.

It was during this week that the operational force of the PESP was increased by receiving 81 new police officers, in addition, smart guns and police identification were provided to support the operational work of the corporation.

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