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Aired on December 29, 2022 on Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram et YouTubethe video of Mo_mountain_muttsliterally “The Mountain Pooches of Mo”, the business of a couple of pet-sitters from the small town of Skagway, Alaska, quickly went viral on the web and was shared all over the world!

We see about fifteen dogs, already seated or taking place in a bus which is entirely dedicated to them. Some are led there by their masters, others wait alone at the edge of the snowy road for the vehicle to stop at their height to climb in, take the central corridor and settle down quietly on a vacant seat. All are attached to the chairs by leashes as safety belts.

Unbridled licking sessions

With each new traveler entering the bus, he is greeted by his first name and the other dogs wag their tails as he passes, some giving him a few friendly licks, without leaving their seats. The most demonstrative on the subject being concentrated at the bottom of this “doggy bus”, where an avalanche of licks welcomes those who settle there!

An unprecedented viewing success for Mo and Lee, this couple of American pet-sitters, yet already popular with their 9.3 K subscribers on Youtube or even 233 K on Instagram. Such a success that it attracted the spotlight of the American channel CNN, which has just devoted a short report.

We see a new “dog pick-up” scene, where Mo distributes a treat to each passenger and indicates that most of them have their assigned place on the bus, with the exception of the youngest: like teenagers in a because at school, the latter gather at the back of the vehicle, called the “licky puppy corner”, to indulge, without restrictions, in unbridled licking sessions!

You can’t imagine how monsters these dogs were before I started working with them!

The fruit of learning

Mo and Lee use this bus to round up the dogs in their care and drive them to a place for a walk. But this apparent discipline didn’t happen overnight: “You can’t imagine how monsters these dogs were before I started working with them! “Said Mo, also a dog trainer, to the presenter, noting that her furry passengers behaved “almost better than children”.

“Of course, some passengers try to circumvent the rules”, continues the pet-sitter, commenting with amusement on the image of one of the travelers having appropriated the place of the driver. And it’s really very funny!

A bus, friends, happiness!

Such a business is not a first in the United States, where we already find, in particular in 2019, in Texas, the images of a “doggy bus”?, whose passengers, leaving one by one, at a gallop, their home, jump alone into the vehicle to go for a ride. And there is no denying it, the thousands of comments under the various videos attest to it, the joy and pleasure shown by these dogs finding their friends for new adventures are infectious and these images do a world of good to those who watch them. look!

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