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Sergey Markus, Olkhovo, Kaluga region

From century to century –

painting by Goryushkin-Sorokopudov

It’s hard for me in the old bell tower.
But no, not from steps, not from copper,
That is fused with viscous silver
And spreads the gospel along. I am crying
Just because it seems empty
And this ringing, inviting, restless,
And a long swell of overtones …
Souls awakened from century to century,
Some with a word, some with a prayer,
Someone in the bell rumble – like wings.
And he gives these wings to everyone, calls …
Calls to take off, fly, become angelically free
Embrace the Universe, save all those who are suffering!
And next to the pigeons coo, the grains are perishable,
The peals melted – wait …
Tired monk, sit down, look around:
Who took off, who cast their wings into the ringing?
From century to century, your bell-ringing gospel –
Are there many saved in Russia? ..


Evgeniya Bosina, Nahariya, Israel

* * *

When the big cold weather comes
And of course we won’t be ready
What will save us from the cold then
What word will warm us then?

When the blizzards chill our house
No longer warmed by any breath,
Whose fire in the darkness are we going to wander into?
Who will shine a flashlight for us from the porch?

When the Great Winter comes
Yes, it will come to stay forever,
I will deal with her myself –
Not all the same for her to deal with me!

Throw a blanket on, breathe on my fingers,
Once again I will say to myself: do not be afraid!
And if I have enough strength, I will describe
Of the Great Cold, signs and properties,

So that everyone caught up in Winter understands,
What word she wants, Zima,
So that in the cold, walking after me
Not so afraid of the big cold.

But who is he who is in the thick twilight
Does he meet – on the porch, by the well?
I do not know…
Consider its features
I can’t do it because of the tears.


Yaroslav Pichugin, Moscow

The eye of spring

Into this eye of spring
float the snow,
and it is not clear yet
all paths are shores.

For a few days
with ice drift of borders,
which is akin to doubt,
distance yourself from yourself …

To better understand
changes inside
and, rejecting, accept –
erase all the past!

Into this eye of spring
float years…
And doubts and dreams –
clarifies the water.

The path from March to April
her bottomless flow,
running aground
by chestnut candles.


Ibn Ilyas, Almaty

Petal blizzard

Guess what happened?
April has come.
Happened in life again
Petal blizzard.

I want to laugh again
And then be sad
And not in the least afraid
Believe and love.

Let me have a little
Springs on the ground
I take a walk this little
I will dissolve in the darkness.

I take a walk without looking back
For their years.
Spring orders for me
always liked.

I don’t want to argue with you
My friend the Watchmaker.
Old age is not grief
And the spring moment.

That beautiful moment
When life is a fire!
Death grants inspiration –
Eternity space.

Guess what happened?
April has come.
I dreamed all night today
Petal blizzard.


Olga Kharlamova, Moscow

Spring again

Spring – light the snow, play the ravines.
Russian proverb

Sweeps along the street
blows out hard
then in the back of the head, then in the face
snow sculpts March.
Off-season wardrobe –
ankle boots, cap,
scarf, gloves and coat –
issued for rent.
Light up the snow, spring
move the waters together!
I like your April –
jester and fool –
dashing splashes
from the nearest puddle.
And he will call you to the bath
the young month of May.


Alexey Antonov, Spas-Klepiki, Ryazan region


Cry, soul! The sunrise is burning
A scarlet ribbon over the abyss.
Cry, soul! Love rises
Over a useless universe.
Cry – black ice will melt.
Cry – and the heart will rejoice.
Cry – Christ is calling you
Your life will grant you.


Elena Tkachevskaya, Moscow

* * *

So it seems to me
as if everything was already with me.
Held a drop of dew
on a sharp thorn
luxurious rose.
Barberry –
in brown leaves,
blooms lazily.
And already petals
the grass is hidden under the plum.
A couple of days have already passed
from mid-June.
I know how they differ
frost from frost.
I’ll explain to you
I will not do anything,
I will only think
about the most important thing.
So the wind has become completely warmer
and glides over the colors
very gentle and smooth,
in no hurry to count the petals.
There is little use in arithmetic.
We are something of these past years
do not think
only hands and looks
weave it tighter
and even then only in a dream …
Red poppy blooms
among the fleecy leaves,
like a dove of scarlet plumage.
Petals in the wind
as if wings fly up, fly up …
Only the stem interferes with their flight –
green mast.
But the clutch will not last forever,
and the law of earthly gravity
flying to Earth
will follow incessantly.


Nikolay Rassadin, Pskov


In the early morning they will chatter
on the branches of birds,
In this city full of churches and fish
Winter is retreating
as once the Fritzes and Poles,
Didn’t destroy souls to dust –
and thanks for that.
The people will run
stuffing bellies with pancakes,
Forgetting about those
who did not survive the winter:
– We survived!
So, again, God is with us!
And not with those who heads
in the “winter war” folded.
Here alive to alive,
we read Matthew all winter:
“Leave to the dead
bury your dead. “
If a tooth falls out, it means
the Tooth Fairy will give money,
Behind which looms
the shadow of mothers and fathers.
And it’s not for us to judge
this city is not in our power.
The ice will melt, which means
time to build bridges.
I will take off my overcoat
disassemble the machine into parts,
And on the rooftops they will scream
from happiness cats.

The page was prepared by Vladimir Smirnov, a member of the Writers’ Union of Russia


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