Pfizer vaccine responds ‘correctly’ to British strain (already detected in Ecuador), but other COVID-19 mutations will come in the future, warns are made | Ecuador | News

The COVID-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer and Biontech is “responding well” to new strains of the virus discovered in Britain and South Africa. The first has already been detected in Ecuador.

This was announced by Marta Diez, an executive who leads Pfizer’s Andean cluster, made up of Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia, in an interview to which EL UNIVERSO was invited.

Against the English and South African strains, which has generated so much tension, studies have been carried out and the vaccine is responding correctly to these strains, but in the future there will be more strains so we are constantly monitoring that the vaccines are effective for these new strains to be presented“, said.

He explained that in the clinical study that was carried out, a specific strain or mutation was not chosen, but rather it was carried out with 44 thousand people in different countries with the strains that were circulating in those nations: “Viruses constantly mutate and within the investigation it was determined that the vaccine worked in all the strains that were circulating at the time of the study“.

Today the authorities of the National Government of Ecuador confirmed the presence of the new British variant of COVID-19 in the country. A few days ago, the alert was given to a person who arrived more than 15 days ago from Europe (December 12). This person is being treated in Los Ríos and there are 14 other people under observation who were with him.

Diez indicated that the Pfizer vaccines will arrive in Ecuador on January 18, in a kind of box that maintains the temperature (-70 degrees) to the point where the Government indicates. Devices in the box constantly display the temperature.

In addition, he affirmed that 80% of the population of a country is needed to be vaccinated in order to control the pandemic and that is why he called on Ecuadorians to “trust science”: “Vaccination will take several months, that’s why he needs people to keep taking care of themselves.

Once the vaccines are delivered, the Government will continue monitoring with a similar device. In the case of Ecuador, the UPC company will help Pfizer to make the delivery“said Diez.

The Minister of Health, Juan Carlos Zevallos, traveled to the United States today, January 11, to speed up the delivery of vaccines and try to increase the number of doses that will be delivered to Ecuador.

According to a scientific study carried out by researchers from the University of Birmingham and the government agency Public Health England or Public Health England in English, the new British strain of coronavirus is 70% more contagious than the original because it replicates in the throat.

The researchers analyzed a large number of swab samples taken from the nose and throat of potential COVID-19 patients that confirmed their positive with the diagnostic test and there they found the novelty: those who had the new variant, called B117, had high viral loads compared to those shown to have the original strain. (I)

The Ministry of Health confirms the presence in Ecuador of a new variant of COVID-19 detected in the United Kingdom. ►

published by The universe in Monday, January 11, 2021

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