Phoenix / Phoenix faint in agony delicious! Avocado Smoothie and Ramen-Nana Tona’s Husband’s California Life

Hi! My husband is Nana.

“4000km road trip from Northern California. A minor trip to the unexplored region of Arizona”

It’s the third day.

After visiting the Grand Canyon / North Rim the day before, we stayed overnight at a hotel in the city of Flagstaff and headed early in the morning to Phoenix, the capital of Arizona.

This is my second visit to Phoenix since January of this year.

The purpose is mainly to visit antique shops ♡

⇩ is an article when I visited in January this year.

However, this time I visited a shop that was delicious instead of antiques during shopping.2 casesI would like to introduce you.

  • The Boba Tea House
  • Hachi Ramen

The Boba Tea House

A friend of mine who lives in Arizona told meAvocado smoothieIs a delicious shop.

e? Avocado? Is it delicious? I can imagine a sweet avocado. .. ..

I decided to go to this shop because I was taught so much while thinking about it …

how to access

The Boba Tea House

2055 N Dobson Rd, Chandler, AZ 85224

thisThe deliciousness of the shockwas! !! !!

It’s a smoothie with a whole avocado, but it doesn’t have the avocado-specific green odor, and it’s sweet and creamy.

(Left photo: with Boba / tapioca Right: with cut mango)

Speaking of avocado, it was a new discovery for us couples who had only eaten as salads and meals until now.

After that, it goes without saying that I thanked my friend who taught me.

Hachi Ramen

A Japanese ramen shop created by a shopkeeper who is fluent in Japanese from Mongolia.

how to access

Hachi Ramen

655 W Warner Rd STE 114, Tempe, AZ 85284

The owner seems to have practiced ramen in Japan and Hawaii.

As soon as I found us Japanese, he talked to me kindly.

Click here for what we ordered

Tonkotsu Ramen $ 9.75

The pork bone ramen itself, which Japanese people like, was very delicious.

I ate it with Perot (๑´ڡ`๑)

Ramen that is as good as Japanese!

If you want to eat ramen in Phoenix, this shop is recommended.


  • I’m curious about avocado smoothies! Looks delicious!
  • Ramen looks delicious!

If you think that, please click it (* ´∀ ` *)

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