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[Birmingham, Alabama, USA 27th Reuters]–This is a clinic in Birmingham, Alabama, run by Planned Parenthood. There are few windows, and the walls are adorned with mundane photographs that showcase the city. A woman undergoing an abortion operation by Dr. Sherry Tien was tapping her stomach with her hands.

This is a clinic in Birmingham, Alabama, run by Planned Parenthood. The photo is Dr. Sherry Tien. Taken on March 14th (2022 Reuters / Evelyn Hockstein)

Dr. Tien, 40, arrived in Birmingham by plane the day before. He will return to Jacksonville, Florida tonight. A week ago, she had an abortion at a clinic in Oklahoma. According to the National Abortion Union (NAF), an estimated 50 doctors fly across state borders due to areas with limited access to abortion. Dr. Tien is one of them.

“I did my best,” Dr. Tien calls out to the woman on the examination table. “You are very strong. Take a deep breath. It’s okay.”

Dr. Tien, a maternal-fetal medicine expert, spends hours quickly passing through multiple airports, driving a rental car, and contacting his boyfriend on FaceTime at his hotel. This is to help a woman who cannot end her pregnancy because a local doctor cannot perform an abortion procedure or her willingness to do so.

In March, when Dr. Tien traveled from Florida to Alabama for an abortion procedure, Reuters was allowed to accompany him. She also had the opportunity to witness his work in Oklahoma in December.

The path to abortion by these on-site doctors may be closing. The U.S. Supreme Court is dominated by conservatives, and Politico, a U.S. political website, has legalized Roe v. Wade nationwide in a lawsuit over the constitutionality of the Supreme Court on the 2nd. It was reported that it was expected to overturn.

Conservative lawmakers have passed new abortion restrictions in quick succession in anticipation of such a ruling in a Mississippi proceeding this spring. More than 20 states, including Oklahoma and Alabama, have legislation that makes it even more difficult to have an abortion if the Roe v. Wade decision is overturned.

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Dr. Tien, seeing how difficult it is to have an abortion in recent years, decided to help fill the gap.

In January 2021, Dr. Tien left his job in Illinois to deal with high-risk pregnancies and moved to Florida with his dog to become a full-time employee of the Jacksonville Family Planning Federation. From the following month, he flew to Oklahoma City to have an abortion procedure at the Trust Women Foundation clinic. Birmingham was also added to the destination in December.

I don’t want to ponder how I would live if the Roe v. Wade decision was overturned. Dr. Tien is worried that some women may resort to dangerous measures to end their pregnancy.

“I’m always going to have an abortion,” Dr. Tien said in an interview. “We will do it legally and will comply with all state restrictions and current regulations. I can’t say for sure what the laws and regulations will actually be.”

Abortion clinics in at least six states, including Oklahoma and Alabama, where Dr. Tien works, rely entirely on out-of-state doctors for abortion procedures.

In conservative states, doctors in the state are refraining from abortion due to safety concerns and stigma, according to a spokeswoman for Trust Women Oklahoma.

For doctors traveling to other states, it can take months to obtain the licenses and qualifications needed to work in any state. It will take longer if there is a state law that requires the abortion physician to have the authority to direct the patient to hospitalization.

Opponents of abortion argue that these rules protect women who develop dangerous complications after an abortion procedure and require additional treatment. According to the latest data available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there were nearly 630,000 abortions in the United States in 2019.

According to Susan B. Anthony Liszt’s state policy director, Susan B. Anthony List, if the doctor who performed the abortion left the state shortly thereafter, “continuity of treatment”. And the ability to carry out medical surveillance for more than an hour is jeopardized.

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Advocates of abortion point to studies that the complications associated with abortion are extremely rare and that abortion is much safer than childbirth. In addition, for urgent cases, the clinic has additional treatment protocols. According to the latest CDC annual report, the center has identified two cases of abortion-related deaths in 2018.

Women seen by Dr. Tien at the Birmingham clinic come not only from all over Alabama, but also from Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia and Texas, where abortion is similarly restricted. Women must make appointments for medical appointments when one of the on-site doctors visits the hospital. It is also necessary to consider the Alabama provision that there should be a 48-hour grace period between the appointment for the first visit and the appointment for the abortion procedure.

On the day Dr. Tien visited in March, there were 6 surgical abortions and 12 dosing abortions.

Ages vary from 19 to 36. A woman has been driving for several hours from Louisiana. Another woman was biting on the phone with a monetary policy to pay for her medicine. A woman who speaks only Spanish was interacting with her nurse asking for a telephone interpretation service.

Dr. Tien was facing a local woman, AW (22), over the table in a dedicated examination room. AW has two children, 4 years and 8 months old, respectively.

Mr. AW wants to write only the initials to protect privacy. The father of the child who is pregnant now is said to be financially unstable. I haven’t told the other person about my decision to have an abortion.

“I felt like I was told to stop if I told them I had an abortion,” AW said. “But I don’t want to change my mind.”

Dr. Tien gave Mr. AW a pill of Mifepristone for him to take. The next day, he instructed him to take a pill of misoprostol at his home, leading to an abortion. Note that he may feel strong pain.

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“Women are very strong,” Dr. Tien tells AW. “There is a woman doing this somewhere every day.”

Dr. Tien said she was convinced from a young age that women should have decision-making power about their body and pregnancy. It is said that her sense of mission is summarized in the word “medicine = science + love” that she once read.

I know that I can be targeted for doing this job, so be vigilant. The Family Planning Federation paid for the home security system after hiring Dr. Tien in Florida. I try to keep at least a quarter of the car’s petrol in case I need to escape from the trail.

At the Oklahoma City clinic, full-time security guards inspect the belongings of everyone entering the building. Dr. Tien enters the local Jacksonville clinic through the back door. Anti-abortion activists often gather on the table to protest.

When I visited in March, a woman stood outside the clinic with a board stating “Life, the first right that cannot be robbed.”

At night, the Birmingham clinic disappeared. Dr. Tien picks up a bagel in his office and checks his cell phone.

The flight to Atlanta was delayed. It is likely that you will not be in time for the connecting flight back to Jackson Building. The next morning, he had an abortion plan at Jacksonville. The distance is about 645 km.

In a text message to his boyfriend, Dr. Tien asked, “What’s the fastest way to get back to Jacksonville from Atlanta? A car or a morning plane?”

Her conclusion was an airplane.

“There is no stamina to drive that distance, that’s for sure.”

Dr. Tien called Jacksonville’s boss and told him he might not be able to make an appointment in the morning.

But in the end, the flight to Atlanta arrived at the last minute. Dr. Tien ran through the airport with a turquoise backpack bouncing on his back and slipped into Jacksonville just minutes before departure.

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