Piggy D hands out against lateral thinkers and Trump

Rob Zombie bassist Matt “Piggy D” Montgomery complains that his home state, California, is struggling with the rising number of corona cases. He urged his flatmates in Los Angeles to take all measures seriously. Just recently there were over a thousand COVID-19 deaths in just one week.

Piggy D wrote on Twitter: “There is too much duplicity in Los Angeles. Everyone lies and appeases their friends that they would take the virus seriously, but they don’t. You don’t give a shit about others, except yourself. Stay the fuck at home! “

More than 932,600 people tested positive in LA County during the pandemic, and more than 12,000 people have died. In the last week alone, about 100,000 people in LA County tested positive for the virus.

Piggy D has had enough of America’s President

The 45-year-old criticized Donald Trump for not taking responsibility for his supporters’ storming of the Capitol in Washington. The president, who was still in office until January 20, stirred up his supporters shortly beforehand during a rally.

Earlier yesterday, during the White House speech and later before leaving for Texas, Trump had falsely claimed that “everyone” said his speech last Wednesday was appropriate. He said that many “people”, including well-known politicians in his understanding, had analyzed his speech and considered it harmless.

The musician in turn shared a link to an article on Trump’s latest remarks, adding the following message: “I’m so done with this damn terrorist. I want my life, my ailing industry and some sense of basic human decency back. “



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