Pitbul kills 7-year-old girl

The events occurred in Louisiana, United Stateswhere the minor of only 7 years old, died after being mauled by her neighbor’s pitbull. The dog bit him on the face and skull.

According to the information, the small Sadie Davila I was playing outside his house with his familywhen suddenly, the neighbor’s dog came running and he attacked her directly.

Family members who were therethey tried to get the dog away from the niña and they even beat him with a cane, but they could not make him release the minor.

Posteriorly the girl was taken to a hospital close, with dog bites on the face and skull, unfortunately it was declared dead shortly afterdue to the injuries he had.

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When the police arrived at the scene, they found the dog with blood in the mouthin addition to the fact that the crime scene was also very bloody.

The owner of the dog told authorities he was not at home at time of attackbut if he said that normally let the dog run loose around the neighborhood, without any type of restriction.

Hence the dog was euthanized and its owner is charged with negligent homicidefor not having the dog sheltered or tied up.

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