Plane crashed into a high-voltage tower and its 2 occupants were unharmed – Noticias Principales de Colombia Radio Santa Fe 1070 am

–Two passengers miraculously escaped unharmed when the plane they were traveling in crashed into a high tension tower in the city of Gaithersburg in Maryland, United States.

More than 86,000 residents were left without power after the small plane was left dangling from power lines.

Translation: / small plane crash into power lines in Gaithersburg area, plane, 2 occupants on plane are ok, plane was heading towards (landing) Montgomery Airpark, Airpark now closed to air traffic @MontgomeryCoMD.

As a result of the impact, the electricity supply to the surrounding areas was cut off. However, the rescue of the two occupants was delayed because the tower still had an active power supply that endangered the rescuers and the injured themselves.

At the time of the crash, which was reportedly due to engine failure, the plane was on its way to land at Montgomery Airpark.

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