Playing in Mexico, an honor for the San Francisco 49ers

A smile lights up the face Bryant Young when he remembers that night of October 2, 2005. At the time, he was one of the most feared defenders in the NFL and led the San Francisco 49ers, who faced the Arizona Cardinals at Azteca Stadium.

“I have to say that they are very good memories. I love Mexican food, tacos, burritos… Everything that has to do with that culture”, confesses the former defensive tackle, in an interview with THE UNIVERSAL Sports.

Seventeen years later, those franchises will reissue the first game of the NFL out of Mexico. It will be on Monday, November 21, also in the Colossus of Santa Ursula, and Young says it’s an honor for San Francisco.

“With all due respect to the Cardinals, the 49ers have a great fan base in Mexico, so it’s very important for the organization, as well as for the Mexican fans, who will be part of the experience of being in a game of the NFL”, he stresses. “It’s incredible that the NFL goes to Mexico and the fans there have a great opportunity. I’m excited about this, because it will be like that game in 2005.”

Yes, the champion Super Bowl XXIX He hopes the result will be different, since in 2005 Arizona prevailed (31-14).

“That time, the Cardinals played better, but it’s a great experience, unique,” he says.

Bryant Young sees San Francisco in Super Bowl chances

Although in the National Conferencehen there are other strong teams like the champion Los Angeles Rams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Green Bay Packers, Bryant Young believes the San Francisco 49ers have the potential to be in Super Bowl XVLII.

“It is probable. They have a good offense, a good defense, with dynamic players, good running backs, and now with a young quarterback. [Trey Lance] who will have to lead this team”, assures the former defensive tackle.

“He is a talented boy, with a great arm and I trust the process that they have carried out with him.”

“He has the tools to get the job done and be the leader of the offense. Defensively, they have good players.”

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