Playoffs begin

Sensational duels are looming this week … and of course we will have the best picks for you until we reach our Super Bowl LV pick (55), but first let’s see how the matches turned out for this Wild Card Week, with the new format where seven teams qualified per conference.


* Tomorrow’s games

Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills

LA Rams at Seattle Seahawks

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Washington Football Team

* Sunday games

Baltimore Ravens at Tennessee Titans

Chicago Bears at New Orleans Saints

Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers

* They rest

Kansas City Chiefs y Green Bay Packers


* Pick of the Week: Titans +3

Baltimore Ravens at Tennessee Titans: I do not understand this line much, the Titans are divisional champions, they looked solid all season and the Ravens – despite their good record – did not look dominant at any time, if at all. against very weak teams, but against competitive teams they suffered to get the victories; Being an Underdog at home in a playoff game is going to make the Titans very proud and they are going to go out of their way to prove they were wrong by not making them favorites. The Titans are going to win by more than one touchdown this game.

* Pick Adicional: Steelers -6

Cleveland Browns at Pitsburgh Steelers: After 18 years the Browns are in the Playoffs, but they are badly hit by Covid-19, their most sensitive casualties: guard Joel Bitonio and his head coach Kevin Stefansky, these teams have just faced each other this week last, where Browns – although he was the winner – suffered a lot to triumph at home against a Steelers who rested several starters, among them their quarterback Ben Roethlisberger; now on the road in Pittsburgh, against the Steelers with a full team and without their head coach directing them, the Browns will be eliminated by their staunch Division rival. The future looks promising for Cleveland at last, but it won’t be this year, the Steelers must win by at least one touchdown this game.

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* Pick Especial NCAA Championship

– Alabama Vs. Notre Dame: Highs of 75

Alabama Vs. Ohio State: The NCAA Championship has arrived and two great teams face each other and, above all, two offensive machines … and although it may seem stratospheric to bet on a high of 75 points, both teams will pass the 40 points scored in this meeting; To win the duel, I’m leaning towards Alabama, but the -8 line doesn’t convince me to bet, as Ohio State scores a lot and it could be a game that is decided by seven points or less.

It’s all for this week … remember: betting is a game of chance and no one can guarantee a result. Have a lot of fun and don’t bet too much !!!

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