Police call Zoe Bethel’s death a ‘tragic accident’

Now the authorities are speaking up! Zoe Bethel became known worldwide as the reigning Miss Alabama for America. Now fans have been told the shocking news that the American fell out of an apartment and succumbed to her injuries. So far it was unclear how the tragic incident could have happened. Now the police made a first statement about the investigation.

Opposite the magazine People the officials explained for the first time what is known about the fatal fall of the 27-year-old: “This is a tragic accident in which there are no suspicions of external influence.” Accordingly, the beauty queen accidentally fell out of a window in the seven-story house.

Zoes family had up Instagram already said goodbye to her with emotional words: “She touched the hearts of many people and worked in numerous organizations.” Under the post, many fans also paid tribute to the late beauty.

Zoe Bethel im August 2021
Zoe Bethel 2021 in Arizona
Beauty queen Zoe Bethel

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