Police catch suspected serial killer in California

The California State Police Department has a suspected serial killer arrested, who is suspected of having shot dead five people in just two and a half months this summer alone. Another victim was killed last year.

Was the man on the hunt for another victim?

The 43-year-old was caught early Saturday morning in the town of Stockton while “hunting” for another victim, according to police. “He was on a kill mission,” said Police Commissioner Stanley McFadden. “We are certain that we have prevented another murder.”

The motive for the crimes is still unclear

Five men were shot dead in the Stockton area between July 8 and September 27; the murders showed a number of parallels. Another man was killed in the city of Oakland, 50 kilometers away, in April last year. A woman survived an attack that police said was also carried out by the suspect. The woman described the attacker to police as a dark-clad man in a dark hoodie and wearing a black Covid face mask. Investigators are still looking for a motive for the crime.

Victims were not connected to each other

None of the victims were robbed or beaten. Police spokesman Joe Silva said there were no connections among the victims either. They wouldn’t have known each other. Police also believe the killings are unrelated to drugs or gang violence. Police spokesman Silva admits that so far only a few clues have been found. It is also conceivable that several people were involved in the acts of violence.

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