Police who murdered Aston Villa legend to stand trial in Birmingham

The cop who killed Dalian Atkinson, former soccer player of Aston Villa and Real Sociedad, among others, will be tried this Tuesday in Birmingham for “murder”.

Benjamin Monk, West Mercia Police, denied allegations of attacking Atkinson with a taser during “six times longer than recommended to disarm a criminal” and hit him on the head so hard that the policeman “He left the mark of his laces on the former footballer’s forehead.”

The events occurred in 2016 when Atkinson had an altercation with the police, was fired with the taser and died just hours later from cardiac arrest.

The classmate of Monk, Mary Ellen Bettley-Smith, 31, is facing one charge of assault on the former player.

Police have denied the charges, which accuse him of assaulting Atkinson and injuring him before his death on August 15, 2016.

Atkinson played for various clubs throughout his career, including a one-year stint at Real Sociedad, where he played 30 games and scored twelve goals. The former English footballer also passed through Aston Villa, Fenerbache, Manchester City, Metz and Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors, where he retired in 2001.

His greatest successes were achieved with Villa, with whom he played 114 games and scored 38 goals, including one in the League Cup final against Manchester United, his only professional title.


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