Policeman adopts abused girl whom he comforted on a mission

During an operation, police officer Brian Zach met four-year-old Kaila, who had been abused by her parents. Now he’s officially her father.

Kingman / Arizona – “It’s worth it”: That is the message the Americans get Brian Zach for all those who play with the idea Kind to adopt. In his case the Adoption the four year old Kaila but far beyond a couple’s traditional desire to have children – after all, he and his wife Cierra Zach were already at this point parents of two teenagers.

The circumstances of his first meeting with the little one girl were also not only difficult, but downright terrible. Brian Zach works as a Patrolman of Kingman Police Departments in Arizona. In March 2018, he and his colleagues received a fatal call. You should check an apartment in the suspected one Kind had been mistreated by his parents. The girl’s name: Kaila.

US police officer gets to know abused four-year-olds while on duty – and adopts them

Arrived at the scene, it was Brian Zachwho takes care of the Four year old cared. “We painted and ate something,” he said police officer recently on the talk show “Good Morning America”. “She was holding my hand – it was so small and cute.”

But then his colleagues came and had Kaila picked up to take her to the hospital for treatment for her injuries. Could forget Brian Zach but not the little girl – and so he decided that Kind simply to himself and his family when the authorities could not find immediate accommodation for her.

“She came with a drinking cup, a bag full of clothes that didn’t fit her – and that was it,” said Brian Zach at ABC News. “On the second day she already called my wife ‘Mama‘or’ Mommy ‘. I was just called ‘guy’ for a week or two – when she started preschool, I became ‘Papa‘.“

30 months later: Brian and Cierra Zach officially become Kaila’s parents

The foster parents quickly realized that Kaila’s presence should not be a temporary visit. They wanted that girl stays with them forever – and officially part of them family becomes. “We lived with fear every week that she would have to return to her biological parents,” says Brian Zach. “We didn’t know how long we could keep them. It was our goal to love and protect this little girl as long as we can. ”

Fortunately, on August 18, 2020, “as long as it can” became “forever”. Because 30 months after Kaila had come into their care, adopted Brian and Cierra Zach the child. “She’s so funny, so funny,” enthuses Dad about his new daughter. “She has a very special character.”

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