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MIAMI.- Republicans Ron DeSantis and Marco Rubio, who are running for re-election as governor of Florida and senator for this state, respectively, maintain their favoritism ahead of the midterm elections next November, although by a narrow margin, according to two studies released on Wednesday.

A survey by the firm Susquehanna Polling & Research reveals that DeSantis, a rising figure within the Republican Party and political godson of former President Donald Trump, obtains 47% of voting intentions compared to 43% for his Democratic opponent, Charlie Crist.

The difference of four percentage points falls within the 4.3% margin of error of this survey released today by the specialized portal RealClearPolitics, which also reports another study released in which the favorable difference of the current Florida governor is even narrower. .

The bipartisan survey carried out by the firms Fabrizio Ward and Impact Research for AARP, an organization focused on retirees and retirees in the US, reveals that Crist, with 47% behind him, is only three percentage points behind the Republican, who, For its part, it attracts the majority of the vote of people over 50 years of age.

Crist, who last month won the Democratic candidacy for Governor of this state after defeating the Florida Agriculture Commissioner, Nikki Fried, in the primary process, brings together the vote of African-Americans, a group that with an overwhelming 78% opts for the Democrat, according to this study.

While these people wait for their asylum case, they are being sent to other states by the Texas government.


Another electoral contest of interest in the November midterm elections will be the one that Senator Marco Rubio will dispute against Democrat Val Demings, who wants to wrest from the Republican the seat he occupies in the Upper House representing Florida.

According to the study by Susquehanna Polling & Research, the senator of Cuban origin maintains a very narrow advantage over Demings, adding 47% support compared to 44% for the Democrat, a difference that again falls within the margin of error. of 4.3% of this survey.

The result shows the Republican below 50% of voting intention, as occurs in the poll for AARP Florida, where Rubio gathers 49% of votes compared to 47% who say they would vote for the Democratic congresswoman.

Demings’ campaign team has just released a television ad criticizing the Republican’s position on abortion, after the US Supreme Court will leave the decision on the legality of these surgical procedures in the hands of the states.

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