Pope Francis asks to restore peace in Ukraine and in the world

Pope Francis, addressing Christians in his message Urbi et Orbi (To the city and the world), urged this Sunday to restore peace in Ukraine and the rest of the world, this in his address on Easter or Resurrection Sunday, which marks the end of Holy Week.

Francis asked the faithful: “Let us all commit ourselves to ask for peace with a powerful voice, from the balconies and in the streets.”

The Pope emphasized the pacification of the conflict in Ukraine, and the time he called for peace in the Middle East, reconciliation in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, while referring to the unstable situation in Libya, Yemen and Myanmar.

On the other hand, Francis called for prayer and solidarity with the population of South Africa affected by devastating floods and the entire African continent, in particular the Sahel region, Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

In his speech, the head of state of the Vatican had words of encouragement for Latin America and the Caribbean “The risen Christ accompanies and assists the peoples of Latin America who, in some cases, have seen their social conditions worsen, also exacerbated by the crime, violence, }corruption and drug trafficking, in these difficult times of the pandemic».

Pope Francis presided over the Holy Mass this Easter Sunday, April 17, to celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord together with thousands of faithful gathered in Saint Peter’s Square, reports the TeleSur portal.


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