Posthumous exhibition of the painter Hamid Moulferdi

A posthumous exhibition of the works of the Moroccan artist-painter, the late Hamid Moulferdi, will take place from March 05 to 27 in the Martinican capital Fort-de-France, the initiators of the project announced on Wednesday. Initiated under the theme “HAMID, a poietics of the intimate”, this exhibition “wants to make understand and share the transcultural values ​​of his (deceased artist, editor’s note) plastic poetic artistic expression, linked to ‘diversity’ (Édouard Glissant) and to the universality of its themes, ”said the organizers in a statement.

This exhibition, which will be inaugurated on March 5 at the Villa Chanteclerc, includes around thirty drawings and around ten canvases presenting, “on monotypic backgrounds, shapes that make a sign: the moon, the bird, the dog, writings and figures ”, liton in the press release. Arranged in a repetitive and variable manner, these drawings invite the visitor “to appreciate and appropriate, in his own culture, a singular journey, open to the intimate of oneself”, added the same source.

In a statement to MAP, Ms. Muryelle Moulferdi, initiator of this exhibition, expressed her desire to enhance the work of the late plastic artist and make it known to a new public because “his works are timeless, both human and universal , and deserve to be known both in Martinique and in Morocco ”. The drawings presented through this artistic event represent the last works of the deceased and “take on a testamentary dimension”, she said. Self-taught artist and admirer of Paul Klee, Hamid Moulferdi, born in 1961 in Morocco, has a very high idea of ​​his mission as an artist and poet. He moved to Martinique at the age of 20 and exhibited his works in 1986 to become a founding member of the Martinique Association of Contemporary Plasticiens. It has several individual and group exhibitions in Martinique, United States, Germany, Ecuador, Cuba, Senegal, Dominican Republic, Barbados, Haiti and France. In addition to his Gold Medal at the Saint Domingue Biennale (1994) and the Best Other Media Prize in Antigua (1989), the talented visual artist made his posthumous entry into the National Library of France (BNF) in 2020.

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