Prayer and strong rituals for money and love in Old New Year 2021

A few minutes before the onset of the old New Year (on the night of January 13-14), in your own words, how it will turn out, ask the Lord God for health and success


A few minutes before the onset of the old New Year (on the night of January 13-14), in your own words, how it will turn out, ask the Lord God for health and success. Further, exactly at midnight, light seven church candles and read the prayer “Our Father” seven times, and then the following prayer:

“Lord, Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Thou art most pure with Thy lips: Amen, I say to you, the land of every thing, if you ask it, you will have it from My Father. Like in heaven-si: where are two or three gathered in my name, there are seven. I am in their midst, Thy words are not permissible, O Lord, Thy mercy is useless and Thy humanity has no end. For this sake we pray to Thee; grant us, Thy servants (list the names), who agreed to ask Thee (briefly state the request), the fulfillment of our request. But either way, not as we want, but as you. Thy will be done forever and ever. Amen”.

The candles should burn out completely.


Held only on the Old New Year.
Melt the candle wax, make a small cake out of it. Write your name on one side and your code number on the other.
This figure is obtained by adding up all the figures for your date of birth. For example, you were born on March 6, 1981. Add up all the constituent numbers: 6 (date of birth) + 3 (month of birth) + 1 + 9 + 8 + 1 (year of birth). The result is the number 1, which will be your code number.
Then close up the wax cake with coins, which had to be carried with you for a day.
Store this amulet in the place where money is kept: safe, closet, wallet.


Send 2 envelopes with money, one to the church, find out the address in advance, in the second send money to yourself, any amount. This is done on New Years or Old New Years on December 31st or January 13th. You will have money “born” out of nothing. Those who sent money, say the Lord’s words:

“To whom the church is not a mother, to whom God is not a father.”

So that you don’t find fault at work

On Old New Year’s Eve, come to work before everyone else and read:

“Like the teeth of the dead do not bite, and tongues do not swear,
How they do not rush in anger, do not wave their hands at the living,
They don’t knock their feet, as they don’t shout at me,
So that not one person forever and ever –

Neither the senior, nor the junior, nor the one who believes
Neither the one who sweeps nor the one who sits in the chair –
Let him not look strictly at my face, he does not scold me.
That’s how I read it, how I said it all
So it should be, and my slander cannot be broken.
Amen. Amen. Amen”


If you could not or did not have time to read the prayer for the new year, you can read it on the Old New Year:

“Lord God, the Creator and Creator of all visible and invisible creatures, who created times and years, bless the New Year beginning today, which we count from Your incarnation for our salvation. Let us spend this year and many in it in peace and harmony with our neighbors; strengthen and expand the Holy Universal Church, which You Yourself founded in Jerusalem, and by the saving sacrifice of the Holy Body and the Most Pure Blood you sanctified. Elevate our Fatherland, preserve and glorify in the world; longevity, health, abundance of the fruits of the earth and the goodness of the air give us; me (name) of Thy sinful servant, all relatives (their names), and my neighbors and all faithful Christians, as our true Supreme Shepherd, protect me, protect and on the path of salvation confirm that we, following him after a long and prosperous life in this world, we have reached Thy Kingdom of Heaven and have been rewarded with eternal bliss with Thy saints. Amen”.

Ritual for love

If you are unlucky in love, and fortune-telling does not justify expectations, you can perform the so-called “rite of love”.
It is performed both on Epiphany and on the Old New Year (on the night of January 13-14).
Burn your underwear, take some ash, pull out three hairs from your head on the left side and roll it all into a wax ball. Throw this ball at midnight out the window with the words:

“I remove suffering and loneliness, but I bring love closer to myself.”


On January 12, without bargaining and without taking change, purchase one thing of the lower toilet. Conceiving desire. At the moment of receiving it from the seller, holding your breath, mentally say once:

“In the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit! Allow, Lord, this time to come true for Your glory, conceived by me (your name), prayerful, baptized, God. Amen”!

A purchased item to wear at sunrise and wear when the situation approximates the fulfillment of your wish

Ritual for health

Held on Epiphany and Old New Year.
At midnight, take off your thing and burn it with the words:

“I burn the thing,
and I remove the disease from myself forever. “


The bones from the festive table under the Old New Year are not thrown away from the table, in the morning they are buried in the ground under a tree with the words:

“How this tree grows and gets stronger,
so health would grow and grow
and the material well-being of our entire family. “

When all the dishes are removed from the table, take the tablecloth, shake it off three times and say:

“How many crumbs were there on this table,
so much happiness would be in our family ”.
It is advisable to shake off the crumbs outside.


On January 14th, shove a penny into natural cracks, saying:

“Pyat Pyatakovich, turn me into a ruble!”

The first coin to the east, the second to the south, the third to the north, and the fourth to the west of your home.


They read in bed as soon as they wake up on the Old New Year. On January 13, you need to take some spring water, pour it into a cup and put it at the head of the bed on the night of the Old New Year. In the morning, wake up and, without getting out of bed, take that cup with your left hand and read the following words:

“From a soft bed to a clean lake, with a parental blessing, I will draw some water in a heavenly well. That little water is dearer than gold rings, more than a mile of stone chambers and silver cups. And that water is beauty. I will wash my white face in it and will appear to young fellows, old old men, elderly men, decrepit old women, young girls, elderly widows more beautiful than a red sun, a clear month, a morning ray. My beauty would seem to everyone and everyone at every time, at every minute and every day, it would fall on their hearts and eyes. Amen”.


This tool helps a man to restore beauty for the whole year, and it is read only once a year. You need to take some spring water, pour it into a cup and put it at the head of the bed on the night of the Old New Year. In the morning, wake up and, without getting out of bed, take that cup with your left hand and read the following words:

“I, a slave (name), born by a mother, baptized by the church, deprived of beauty, I call for the help of a charm, so that everyone praises me, that everyone loves me, Lord, bless me. I’ll walk along the way, along the road, and there, along the way, along the road, there is a shop, and in this shop merchants sell all sorts of goods: calico, kumach, silks, velvets, I, slave (name), fell in love, liked it, looked closely. I closed myself in a clear month, my face was a red sun, sprinkled with heavenly stars. And so I would be red, beautiful, sweet and beloved, and I would be attractive to old old women, and old old men, and young men, and young women, and red girls. And I would have looked closely, fell in love with every day, every hour, every minute, every second. In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen”.

Then immediately drink half a cup of water in one gulp. And pour the rest of the water over yourself from head to toe. You can’t wash that day.


In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.
I won’t open the door, I won’t remove the hook,
I won’t unlock the heck
I won’t open the curtain, I won’t open the window,

I’ll go out in gray smoke through the chimney.
There is an unclean hut in an unclean field.
She stands not on poles, but on chicken legs.
There is a cold stove in the hut,
On that stove, on the devil’s horns,
A dog and a cat are sitting.
They sit, drip and scratch.
How they scrape and scratch among themselves,

They spit, they are not given to each other,
So that (names) fight, spit,
They were not given to each other,
Day and night and called names in different ways,
They spat, spat and hated.
What word I didn’t say
What word did not finish,
The dog will add, the cat will cry

And bless them for parting.
Key, lock, tongue. Amen. Amen. Amen.


On the night of January 13-14, at 22-23 o’clock, sit at the table in clean, preferably new clothes, loose your hair. Three candles – red, white and gold, tie together in a bundle with a red thread (measure the length of the thread three times, wrapping the thread around the left wrist). Put the candles in a glass (ideally in a crystal, but if not in any one) with water, on a round mirror, light and say until the candles go out:

“Power of fire, turn the love of your betrothed on me. Let his love be hot as a flame, pure as water, and deep as a mirror. When the flame reaches the water, my labors will be crowned with success. My word is strong. “
Within a month after the ceremony, you will meet your man. That is, on Valentine’s Day – February 14, you will no longer have to give hearts to a virtual lover.

Of course, if, before conducting the ceremony, you were able to forgive all the exes you are still offended at, let them go, let go of all fears and doubts, complexes about your loneliness. And everything will work out.
The ceremony is valid only once a year – on the Old New Year.

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