Prediction Georgia State Panthers (Women) – South Alabama Jaguars (Women) (01/06/2023), betting odds

On January 06, 2023 at 02:30 Moscow time, a WNCAA championship match will take place, in which the local club Georgia State Panthers (Women) will host the South Alabama Jaguars (Women) in the national championship.


Basketball players of clubs Georgia State Panthers (Women) and South Alabama Jaguars (Women) at 02:30 Moscow time will start playing in a personal meeting of the teams. The organizers of this tournament are going to fight on January 06, 2023. The last time the teams met was last year, when the Georgia State Panthers (Women) scored an easy victory, winning 105-81. In the overall statistics of the confrontation, the Georgia State Panthers (Women) is also the leader in terms of the number of wins.

On January 06, 2023, new events have appeared in bookmakers, so you can find the basketball game Georgia State Panthers (Women) — South Alabama Jaguars (Women) in the line. Pre-match bets on this game will be accepted until 02:30 Moscow time. And after the start of the match, bookmakers will start accepting bets in real time. The teams have not played each other for two years now, and in the last ten matches the basketball club Georgia State Panthers (Women) is in the lead with seven victories.

Georgia State Panthers (Women)

This season, the basketball club Georgia State Panthers (Women) is not the first time gaining a good move, but this time the hosts succeed even without their leader, who was out for three months. Another striker of the team is in great shape, who started to score both for himself and for an injured partner. In the last seven rounds, the Georgia State Panthers (Women) have scored six victories, and the only defeat was on the road from the team from the second line of the table. The hosts themselves are in sixth place in the championship, but they are stepping on the heels of the representative of the fifth place. One of the foundations of a team’s successful performance is a well-coordinated defense, because players never forget to protect their ring, even if a very profitable counterattack is planned. So, at home, the basketball club Georgia State Panthers (women) only missed more than a hundred points per game twice. In addition to the team leader, there are no more injured main players in the Georgia State Panthers (Women) squad.

The president of the South Alabama Jaguars (Women) is doing nothing to keep many key players, so after a successful last season, three base basketball players left the team at once. Serious transfers did not happen, so the head coach does not have eight players at his disposal, and there are only four basketball players available for rotation. And since now we have to play according to a difficult calendar, many basketball players of the South Alabama Jaguars (Women) club are very tired and do not have time to fully recover for the next match. The lack of a good center is especially felt, so the guests do not always succeed in quickly creating a counterattack and moving from defense to attack. In the last eight matches, the team lost four times, which slightly lowered the South Alabama Jaguars (Women) basketball club in the championship, but so far the team is still a contender for the playoffs.

On January 06, 2023, the organizers of the basketball tournament were forced to reschedule the Georgia State Panthers (Women) – South Alabama Jaguars (Women) match, as it could not take place earlier due to the participation of many players in the matches of the national teams. The match referee will start the basketball match at 02:30 Moscow time. Recently, the teams played among themselves and four quarters did not determine the winner, and in overtime the guests of this meeting were stronger.

The Georgia State Panthers (Women) have created a sensation this season by making it to the playoffs. The progress compared to previous years is obvious, because not so long ago the team did not play in the top division at all, but showed modest results, having mediocre basketball players. In general, the hosts spend an even season, in which there were no sharp declines, and it is difficult to single out any leader in the team, because there are often matches in which all twelve declared players score points. The head coach constantly changes the starting line-up, which not only motivates basketball players to give more on the court, but also gives them time to recover. The basketball club Georgia State Panthers (Women) plays especially productively at home, so the fans hope that in this match the hosts will please with a large number of points scored.

In the last match, the basketball club South Alabama Jaguars (Women) lost its leader, without whom the team was incapable of effective action. In that match, after the first quarter, the guests were leading with an advantage of seventeen points, but after the loss of this basketball player, they began to limply run around the court, so they eventually lost, allowing the opponent to overtake them by thirty points. In this match, an injured player is unlikely to be able to play, as he pulled his back muscles, and even a week will not be enough to recover from this injury, and there are only a few days between matches. Considering that the basketball club South Alabama Jaguars (Women) plays worse on the road than at home, as well as the absence of a key player, it is unlikely that the guests will be able to demonstrate a decent game in this match. All other basketball players of the South Alabama Jaguars (Women) club are in good shape, but without a leader, the guests cannot show team actions, because the whole game was tied to him.

Today Georgia State Panthers (Women) vs South Alabama Jaguars (Women) Predictions from BC BaltBet

It became known that the basketball game Georgia State Panthers (Women) – South Alabama Jaguars (Women) will be held on January 06, 2023, so the players will have enough time to prepare for the match. Basketball players of these teams will appear on the site at 02:30 Moscow time. If we take into account the statistics of previous meetings, then the favorite is obvious, since the hosts of this match in the last ten face-to-face fights won eight victories, having suffered only two defeats.

Despite the fact that the Georgia State Panthers (Women) did not start the season in the best way, so it was even in the middle of the standings for some time, the team gradually began to improve. Now the hosts are already in fifth, so they are in the playoff zone, and in the last ten matches there was only one defeat, and even then from the team that currently leads the standings. Three basketball players of the Georgia State Panthers (women) club at once show phenomenal accuracy on three-point shots, so if the hosts cannot get through to someone else’s ring, they compensate for this with long-range shots. On their court, the team also shows a very attacking game, so many basketball players score more than twenty points per match, and in the last match, two made a “double-double” at once. Not only does the basketball club Georgia State Panthers (Women) have such a deep line-up, but there are no injuries among the main players.

Having taken off from the international tournament, the South Alabama Jaguars (Women) basketball club has completely focused on this championship, where the team needs to gain a foothold in the playoff zone. The guests are currently fifth, but below is such a dense cluster of teams that in the event of even two defeats, the basketball club South Alabama Jaguars (Women) may be outside the top eight. This season, the team is too homely, because at home there were only three defeats, and the basketball club South Alabama Jaguars (Women) won all the other matches. But, on the road it will not be possible to boast of such results, since there have already been eight lost matches. Nevertheless, now the guests are in excellent shape, because after a minimal loss of one point from the leader of the tournament, there were three confident victories at once. Four basketball players of the team are now under the supervision of doctors, but none of them plays a key role.

TODAY MATCH Georgia State Panthers (Women) – South Alabama Jaguars (Women). FORECAST FROM EXPERTS

In the off-season, management made a huge mistake by letting go of three key players, so now the Georgia State Panthers (Women) basketball club is performing terribly, losing to almost everyone in a row. It is not surprising that the hosts are on the last line, and even climbing one place higher in the championship will not be easy, since the backlog is already very large. There is absolutely no coherence in the actions of the basketball players of the Georgia State Panthers (Women), so the team plays badly in defense, and even worse in attack, because only in rare matches it is possible to score a large number of points. The Georgia State Panthers (Women) have won only two games in their last eight games, and even then they were against teams that are also at the bottom of the standings. Not only are there almost no experienced players left in the hosts, but in this match the main center will definitely not play, and both forwards may also miss the game.

And in past years, the South Alabama Jaguars (Women) had a weak record at the bottom of the standings, but two key hitters left the team during the offseason, so things got even worse. This season, the guests are already closing the standings, losing to almost everyone, because on average the basketball club South Alabama Jaguars (Women) manages to win one match out of five. Now there is not a single basketball player in the team who could try to pull out the guests, so even the most desperate fans no longer believe that the football club South Alabama Jaguars (Women) will be able to get out of the bottom of the championship. In addition, the head coach himself resigned two weeks ago, so for the time being the guests do not have a permanent mentor, and the temporary specialist does not know how to find an approach to the players so that they start playing at least a little better. This duel among the guests is definitely missed by the center and point guard, as well as the entry to the court of two more basketball players of the nearest reserve is questionable.

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