Prediction Jacksonville Dolphins – North Alabama Lions (01.24.2021), odds and odds

On January 24 at 03:00 UTC, the NCAA Championship match will take place, in which the local club Jacksonville Dolphins will take on the North Alabama Lions national championship rival.


The most important basketball game this week will be the Jacksonville Dolphins vs. North Alabama Lions. It will be held on January 24, so there is no doubt that at 03:00 Moscow time, all fans of this game will closely follow the fight. It is very rare that in the confrontation of these teams there was a victory by a large margin, because often everything is decided by a few points.

Jacksonville Dolphins – North Alabama Lions. WHO FAVORITES THE MATCH?

The Jacksonville Dolphins – North Alabama Lions basketball game will take place on January 24th as part of a very popular tournament, and the players will appear on the field at 03:00 Moscow time. Each year, the teams play at least two matches with each other, so there have already been 156 meetings between them, in which the obvious leader is the Jacksonville Dolphins basketball club, which won 104 matches. The teams have not met this season.

Jacksonville Dolphins

While basketball club Jacksonville Dolphins has not managed to return to the playoff zone, there are still enough matches ahead, so that the hosts still have a chance to improve their standings. The team is tenth in the championship, but if the hosts are able to win several victories in a row, they may well rise to the eighth. The leader of the team continues to show a stable game and regularly score points, but the rest of the Jacksonville Dolphins basketball players are showing completely different forms from which they issued last year. So it is not surprising that in the last ten matches the hosts were able to win only twice. Moreover, both victories were at home, and the team beat two obvious outsiders. But, if you take the whole game at home this season, then all the same, the owners do not show the desired result. One defender will not be able to enter the game due to injury.

North Alabama Lions basketball club president is doing nothing to keep many of the key players, so after a successful last season three base basketball players left the team at once. There were no major transfers, so the head coach does not have eight playable players at his disposal, and there are only four basketball players available for rotation. And since now we have to play on a difficult calendar, many basketball players of the North Alabama Lions club are very tired and do not have time to fully recover by the next match. The lack of a good center is especially felt, so that the guests do not always manage to quickly create a counterattack and go from defense to attack. The team has lost four times in the last eight matches, which slightly lowered the North Alabama Lions basketball club in the championship, but so far the team is still a contender for the playoffs.

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Up to and including January 24, bookmakers will be accepting bets on the Jacksonville Dolphins – North Alabama Lions basketball game. And since the meeting starts at 03:00 Moscow time, you won’t be able to place a bet further. The favorite of this confrontation is too obvious, because basketball club Jacksonville Dolphins almost constantly wins, since the last defeat was already eight years ago.

This season, basketball club Jacksonville Dolphins have already made a splash by making their way to the playoffs. Progress in comparison with previous years is obvious, because not so long ago the team did not play in the top division at all, but showed modest results, having mediocre basketball players. In general, the hosts spend an even season, in which there were no sharp declines, and it is difficult to single out a leader in the team, because often there are matches in which all twelve announced players score points. The head coach constantly changes the starting lineup, which not only motivates basketball players to give their best on the court, but also gives them time to recover. The basketball club Jacksonville Dolphins plays especially well at home, so the fans hope that in this match the hosts will please with a large number of points.

In the last match, the North Alabama Lions basketball club lost its leader, without whom the team was incapable of effective action. In that fight, the guests after the first quarter were leading with an advantage of seventeen points, but after the loss of this basketball player they began to run limply around the court, so that in the end they lost, allowing the opponent to overtake themselves by thirty points. In the current match, the injured player is unlikely to be able to play, as he pulled his back muscles, and even a week will not be enough to recover from this injury, and there are only a few days between matches. Given that the North Alabama Lions basketball club is already playing worse away than at home, as well as the absence of a key player, it is unlikely that the guests will be able to demonstrate a decent game in this match. All the other basketball players of the North Alabama Lions club are in good shape, but without a leader, the guests cannot show team action, because the whole game was tied to him.

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Today the match Jacksonville Dolphins – North Alabama Lions Predictions from BC “BaltBet”

Basketball club Jacksonville Dolphins after a long away streak returns to their home walls, where on January 24 they will play a match against BC North Alabama Lions. The siren, which will notify about the beginning of the fight, will sound at 03:00 Moscow time. This season, the hosts have already managed to beat this opponent, when three months ago a victory was recorded with an advantage of eighteen points. Last year, BC Jacksonville Dolphins also had no problems in confrontations with this team, having won two victories.

The last match basketball club Jacksonville Dolphins lost, which shook his position in the standings. The team started the fight very powerfully and after the first quarter was leading in the score, but then the hosts lost dominance on both sides of the court, so they gradually began to lose their point advantage. And in the third period, there were four minutes, when the Jacksonville Dolphins basketball club allowed the opponent to score seventeen points, which is unacceptable for a team of this level. In general, the hosts show reliable defensive actions and creative attacking play, but there was neither first nor second in the last round. But, since that match was played away, and away the Jacksonville Dolphins plays a little worse than at home, there is a hope that in this fight the hosts will be able to show a much better result. Moreover, there are currently no injured key players in the Jacksonville Dolphins basketball club.

After flying out of the international tournament, basketball club North Alabama Lions is fully focused on this championship, where the team needs to gain a foothold in the playoff zone. The guests are currently fifth, but there is such a dense concentration of teams below that in the event of even two defeats, the North Alabama Lions basketball club may be outside the top eight. This season, the team is too home, because at home there were only three defeats, and all the other fights basketball club North Alabama Lions won. But, on the road, it will not be possible to boast of such results, since there have already been eight lost matches. Nevertheless, now the guests are in excellent shape, because after a minimal defeat of one point from the leader of the tournament there were three confident victories at once. Four basketball players of the team are now under the supervision of doctors, but none of them plays a key role.

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TODAY MATCH Jacksonville Dolphins – North Alabama Lions. FORECAST FROM EXPERTS

This season for the Jacksonville Dolphins basketball club is its debut in the top division, but despite the rookie status, the team still manages to show good results, so now the owners are in the playoff zone, occupying the sixth line in the championship. So far, the basketball players of the Jacksonville Dolphins have a very stable season, because there have rarely been two defeats in a row, and in the last eight games the hosts have won six wins and two defeats. Moreover, in both lost matches, we had to meet with rivals occupying higher places in the standings. There are no star players in the Jacksonville Dolphins basketball club, and the head coach just managed to build a strong team from good basketball players, which is laid out on the court in every match. And at home, the team suffered only one defeat, because in every home game it is actively supported by fans. The attacking defender misses the game for sure, and may also miss the center.

And in years past, the North Alabama Lions basketball club has shown weak results, being at the bottom of the standings, but in the offseason, two key forwards left the team, so things got even worse. This season, the guests have already closed the standings, losing to almost everyone, because on average, the North Alabama Lions basketball club is able to win one match out of five. Now in the team there is no longer a single basketball player who could try to pull the guests, so even the most desperate fans no longer believe that the North Alabama Lions football club will be able to get out of the bottom of the championship. In addition, the head coach himself resigned two weeks ago, so the guests temporarily do not have a permanent mentor, and the interim specialist does not know how to find an approach to the players so that they start to play at least a little better. The center and point guard will definitely miss this match for the guests, as well as the questionable entry of two more basketball players from the nearest reserve.


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