Premier League, Aston Villa-Tottenham postponed for Coronavirus

BIRMINGHAM – The program of the 18th day of Premier League changes in the light of the different cases of positivity al Coronavirus register these days. In particular, the race between Aston Villa e Tottenham was postponed until a later date due to the high number of infected in the Birmingham club. The Villains had already been forced to field the boys of the youth teams in the FA Cup match against Liverpool, while now the game has been directly postponed. Mourinho’s men, on the other hand, will still take the field on January 13th at 9.15 pm to recover the game on December 30th against Fulham. The Cottagers match scheduled for Friday against Chelsea is therefore postponed to Saturday 16 at 18.30 Italian time while Aston Villa-Everton is postponed by one day and will be played on Sunday 17 at 13 ours.

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