Premier League »News» Corona regulations confuse Pep Guardiola

A lot of confusion at Pep Guardiola, the former coach of FC Bayern Munich: The Spaniard, currently team manager of the English ex-champions Manchester City, has admitted that he cannot fully understand the rules of the league in connection with the corona virus.

The former FCB coach does not understand why games in the Premier League were postponed due to several infections within the clubs, but the FA Cup took place at the weekend.

“There are teams where four or five players are infected who had to compete with ten players from their U23,” said Guardiola: “We have four or five infected, so the same situation and we were here.” City won 3-0 at home against Birmingham City in the third round of the FA Cup on Sunday.

Four games in the Premier League have been postponed due to too many infections so far, including the away game of Manchester at Everton. In the FA Cup at the weekend, however, was different. Among other things, first division club Aston Villa – also based in Birmingham – had to compete in the third round against champions Liverpool on Friday due to a massive corona outbreak with a C-Elf and lost 4-1.

The Premier League is currently trying to react to the increased infections within the league with simple means. She urged the players not to cheer exuberantly with each other when they scored goals, and to avoid shaking hands and swapping shirts.

Guardiola does not know whether a player who has just scored a goal, “thinks: ‘Oh, I can’t hug my colleagues'”. But you try to stick to the rules: “We will do what the club, what the Premier League says. It is what it is,” said Guardiola.


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