Presenter Larry King is hospitalized for COVID-19

Larry King suffers from heart attacks and is diagnosed with diabetes and liver cancer, so his condition is delicate


Larry King, the former CNN anchor, has been hospitalized with COVID-19 for more than a week, the news channel reported.

Larry King, 87, receives care at the Cedros-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. This was indicated by the CNN, citing an unidentified person close to the family.

Due to hospital protocols, King’s family has not been able to visit him.

The Peabody Award-winning host was one of America’s most prominent interviewers of celebrities, presidents, and headlines in a half-century career, including 25 years with a late-night show on CNN.

Larry King has had health problems in recent decades, such as heart attacks and diagnoses of diabetes and liver cancer.

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Last year, King lost two of his five children within weeks of each other. Andy King died of a heart attack at age 65 in August, and his daughter Chaia King of lung cancer at age 51 in July, Larry King said in a statement at the time.

The presenter was highly shocked by his first heart attack, in 1987. Since then he founded an association to help people with heart problems and wrote two books on the subject.

According to figures provided by the famous television network CNN, the journalist conducted 40,000 interviews in his career as a journalist, which includes radio and television.
In his programs he was accompanied by important celebrities, the most prominent of the second half of the 20th century.

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According to his analysts, Larry King’s style was light-hearted, it was said that he sometimes did not study his interviewees like the occasion when he asked George Harrison’s widow about the song ‘Something’ dedicated to his first wife.

In addition to the Peabody Award, he received the Arizona State University Hugh Downs Award for Excellence in Communication.


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