President Biden Tests Positive for COVID-19 – NBC Los Angeles

President Joe Biden, 79, tested positive for COVID-19 this Thursday and has mild symptoms such as fatigue, tiredness, cough and nasal congestion, as confirmed by the White House.

The president, who is fully vaccinated and has two booster doses, will isolate himself at the White House, where he will continue to perform his presidential duties until he tests negative for the virus, according to CDC and White House protocols.

Biden’s doctor, el doctor Kevin O’Connorreported that the president is being treated with the antiviral Paxlovid, developed by Pfizer to combat the strongest symptoms of the disease if it is ingested in the first five days after testing positive.

“Friends, I am very well. Thank you for your concern […] I’m keeping busy!” Biden tweeted.


Dr. Ashish Jha, White House COVID-19 coordinator, told a news conference that it is not clear which variant the president contracted and it is not known where he contracted it.

Jha clarified that Biden will follow CDC guidelines to remain in quarantine for at least five days, but that they will wait until they have a negative result to resume their schedule.

“We knew this was going to happen. Make sure you are vaccinated and have the backups,” said Karine Jean-Pierre, White House press officer, adding that the president began to experience some symptoms on Wednesday night. .

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This is what the White House released.


Dr. Jha was questioned about whether Biden’s age (79 years) is a worrying factor and assured that the president has a good immune status and has a very high immunity to the virus, after receiving the four doses of the vaccines.

“I believe that [el presidente Biden] you have that full set of protections,” Jha said, mentioning the vaccines and Paxlovid treatment that began this Thursday.

Jha added that his oxygenation level is normal and he is under excellent medical care, so they expect him to continue to experience mild symptoms.

This was what White House officials explained when asked by a journalist.

Biden was in Massachusetts on Wednesday and canceled his schedule for this Thursday, when he was scheduled to visit Philadelphia.

The White House also confirmed that First Lady Jill Biden has tested negative for the virus and will continue with her schedule as planned.

The White House Medical Unit will brief all of the President’s close contacts, including members of Congress and journalists who interacted with him during Wednesday’s trip, to be tested for COVID-19.

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