Preview of Week 17 of the 2020 NFL Season • First and Ten

The last week of the 2020 regular season is approaching and there are still places to go to the playoffs. We present you the preview of week 17 of the 2020 NFL season with some questions for our staff.

The WFT has Alex Smith in doubt for Sunday, it seems that the NFC East would be between the Cowboys and the Giants, who will win it?

Andrés de Esesarte: I think everything indicates that the Cowboys will be in the postseason:

First, because they have been scoring more than 30 points in three consecutive victories and are facing an offense that is unable to score more than 20 points or make multiple touchdowns in a game. Dallas’ defense has also been effectively forcing deliveries for several games, which is a specialty of the NYG offense to deliver.

On the other hand, I think Jalen Hurts is going to win a major divisional duel against the WFT, the rookie knows that game can define his future in Philly and he will surely come out on his best day.

Alejandro Martinez: The Cowboys. They have closed 2020 very well and will end up crowning it with an unexpected move to the postseason. The chemistry that QB Andy Dalton has found with his talented and explosive trio of receivers makes the offense reliable again, coupled with the Giants having a mess on that side of the ball. QB Jalen Hurts will help them win the divisional title.

Colts and Dolphins seem the most difficult to go to the playoffs in the AFC. Which team will qualify?

Andrés de Esesarte: The Colts, not necessarily for justice, but because the Dolphins have a complicated outlook, and Cleveland and Baltimore have the ticket in their hands and it seems they will agree.

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Indianapolis will surely win comfortably against Jacksonville, it is difficult for Frank Reich to abandon the running game that has given them so much this year.

Miami has a complex scenario against Buffalo, in addition Tua has the great pressure of having to win the game when his own coach is not so convinced that he can do it and now they will not have “their closer”, Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Alejandro Martinez: Miami Rookie QB Tua Tagovailoa will have one of his best performances since entering the NFL if not the best, even more so knowing that Ryan Fitzpatrick will not be there to relieve him in the final minutes. The Dolphins boast one of the top ten defenses in the NFL, too, so it’s a plus for them to end up taking the win Sunday at Buffalo.

The Bears, Rams and Cardinals are vying for the last two spots on the NFC Wild Card. What teams will get in and what will be the keys?

Andrés de Esesarte: Everything is open here and a lot because we don’t know what version of the Rams offense we will see. QB Jared Goff has been a seesaw this year, consistently delivering the ball.

The Bears have a task that is too complicated and to a certain extent it seems impossible: to beat the best team in the NFC. It’s true that RB David Montgomery and QB Mitch Trubisky have played well, but QB Aaron Rogers and WR Davante Andams seem like too much for the Bears, with RB AJ Dillon slowly inserting himself successfully into that brand-new offense. Despite that, an Arizona loss (which wouldn’t be crazy either) gets them in.

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HC Sean McVay is bound to win. It is true that the Rams could qualify by losing, with the help of Green Bay, but their offense has looked bad and it is time to start convincing if they want to compete. Going forward by losing would be very disappointing and discouraging heading into the postseason, and being eliminated would be a terrible failure.

Alejandro Martinez: Cardinals and Bears. Arizona will have QB Kyler Murray while the Rams will be without QB Jared Goff. If the Rams’ under-center starter limits the team’s success, his backup will close 2020 with a loss to be out of the playoffs. For Chicago, led by RB David Montgomery, faced with a permissive defense against the running attack, they will end up winning to seal the sixth seed in the NFC.

These are the questions in the preview of week 17 of the 2020 NFL Season. We read you in the comments under this post and on our social networks.

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