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In addition to 18 seasons, “Grey’s Anatomy“Has several three spin-offs:” B-Team “,” Station 19 “and” Private Practice “. The latter was the first spinoff series from ABC’s medical drama, premiered in 2007 and ended in 2013 after six seasons.

Private Practice”Followed Dr. Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) after leaving Seattle Grace Hospital to join a private practice in Los Angeles. It also introduced a new group of characters who had to deal with different medical cases and their complicated love lives.

The story unfolded at Seaside Health & Wellness Center (formerly Oceanside Wellness Group) and had five cross stories with “Grey’s Anatomy”. Following its cancellation, Caterina Scorsone joined the main series with her character Amelia Shepard. But why did they cancel this spin-off?

“Private Practice” was canceled after six seasons (Photo: ABC)


The contract of Kate Walsh ended at the end of the fifth season of “Private Practice“, But agreed to return for 13 more chapters. Therefore, if the medical drama was renewed for a seventh installment it would have to continue without Addison Montgomery, something unlikely considering that the series was centered around that character.

Finally, in October 2012, ABC Studios and Shonda Rhimes, executive producer of “Grey’s Anatomy”And the spin-off, they decided that the fiction would end. Via Twitter, Rhimes noted that she was proud of her project, but felt it was the right time to close the story.

Kate Walsh said goodbye to Addison Montgomery after playing it for 7 years, first in “Grey’s Anatomy”And then in the derived series. However, he will return in season 18 of the main medical drama.

Although some fans wanted to see a little more of Derek’s ex-wife, canceling was the best decision, as the audience dwindled with each new installment. The premiere of the last season only got 6.45 million American viewers.

What’s more, Kate Walsh I was not the only one who left the show. In May 2012, Pete Wilder (Tim Daly) announced that he would not be returning in season 6, Audra McDonald (Naomi Bennett) left at the end of season 4, and Chris Lowell’s character Dell Parker was killed at the end of the third installment of “Private Practice”.

The sixth season of “Private Practice” ends with Addison and Jake’s wedding (Photo: ABC)


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