Projection of college basketball standings after UNC’s loss to Iowa State.

UNC’s No. 1-ranked team had played with fire before and finally got burned Friday with a loss to Iowa State that upended the college basketball standings.

The North Carolina Tar Heels surprised everyone by qualifying for the national championship last season as the 8th seed before losing narrowly to Kansas. But with the return of their hard core, they have earned favor as the No. 1 team in college basketball’s preseason rankings. However, at the beginning of the year, the UNC had not really done well.

From letting teams like UNC-Wilmington or Gardner Webb cling too close or even getting scared off by Portland to start the Phil Knight Invitational on Thanksgiving Day, the Tar Heels have been faltering and risking at any time to be usurped in the first place of the classification.

On Black Friday, however, the Iowa State Cyclones made it happen.

Thanks to a heroic effort by Caleb Grill, who scored 31 points against UNC, the Cyclones beat the Tar Heels 70-65 on Friday in the semifinals of the Phil Knight Invitational and went undefeated.

And now we will have a new No. 1. But what will the rest of the Top 10 college basketball rankings look like? Let’s see what our projections say.

Projection of college basketball standings after UNC win over Iowa State.

  1. Houston Cougars
  2. Kansas Jayhawks
  3. Longhorns you Texas
  4. Virginia Cavaliers
  5. Gonzaga Bulldogs
  6. Baylor Bears
  7. Duke Blue Devils
  8. Arizona Wildcats
  9. UNC Tar Heels
  10. Indiana Hoosiers

Considering the Tar Heels were already in danger of losing their No. 1 spot before losing to Iowa State, they’re going to lose quite a bit of ground. But at the same time, UNC lost to an undefeated Cyclones team that will definitely be ranked in the next AP Top 25. This therefore softens the shock and allows the Heels to remain in the Top 10.

One thing that’s for sure is that there’s a lot of parity in college basketball right now and the rankings are going to be upside down throughout the season. The holiday week has already played a big part in this and it was even more so on Black Friday with the fall of the country’s number 1 team.

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