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For 2020, the world has caught adrenaline, which will last for a decade. What we just did not fight – and fiery hurricanes, and hornets-killers, and wars-revolutions, but COVID-19 united all of humanity. It’s time to take a breath and take a look at how brands have supported people around the world.

1. Mosaic Life Insurance “Protect Yourself from 2020”.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of the Canadian insurance Mosaic, which is part of First Canadian Insurance.

2. Burger King – Your country needs you. Stay on your couch, be a couch patriot.

Burger King has managed to support health workers and at the same time his trickster identity, bringing to the point of absurdity such a manifestation of responsibility as sitting at home.

“Health care providers stay at work for you, so #stay home for them. “Buger King offered free on orders over $ 10 to help people stay home and donate Whopper burgers to frontline nurses.

3. Nike, Apple, McDonalds — #StayHome.

Not only Nike, but also Apple and McDonalds took the chance to encourage people to #StayHome by joining the quarantine with their slogans.

4. Uber “Thanks for not riding.”

This is a rare ad in which the brand thanks customers for not using the company’s product. Only sincere words of support.

5. Facebook: we will never get lost if we can find each other.

During the epidemic, Facebook was able not only to mentally play the topic of the need for social networks to stay in touch with loved ones, but also figured out how to bring real benefits through a product solution, organizing a fight against the spread of malicious “misinformation” about Covid-19. who have shared or commented on messages with false claims are redirected to the WHO Mythbusters page.

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6. British Airways: “We love you Britain.”

How to emphasize loyalty to the country and love for tradition? An open letter to the British, in which various staff members say how proud they are of the people of the country and that they will be waiting again soon to take us on vacation.

7. BBDO: our home

To help its employees better manage their work from home, the BBDO advertising agency developed an initiative whereby its employees could “open their own BBDO office”. To do this, they created a microsite where employees could, by entering their home address, create an official logo with their personal BBDO home address, which can be added to email signatures.

8.Save the clubs. Wear the clubs – clubs need help to survive the coronavirus crisis

The Live2020 collection is a series of t-shirts designed by the best Belgian artists for the best clubs in Belgium. All proceeds from sales go to Live2020, supporting all Belgian clubs and the people who work with and for them: musicians, sound and lighting technicians and other show participants.

9. Supra-pen – No quarantine for education

A very cute and meditative video that the Covid-19 crisis has stopped the world, but this is a good time to get your head down. While we stay at home, our scientists, police officers and doctors fight on the front lines to protect us. Supra pens thank all the teachers in the world who stay at home and share knowledge through endless technologies and applications. “From the blackboard to the laptop, from chalk lessons to video tutorials – the world can be closed, but the mind is free – and our teachers around the world courageously share knowledge using every possible technological means. We thank each of you for your courage and compassion. “

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10. Playboy: an erotic approach to social distancing

Remaining committed to its archetype, the brand has launched a campaign using sexy metaphors and a gentle voice to promote a variety of good habits and advertise Playboy face masks.

11. The Mask India movement, which enabled every Indian to become a warrior of the Crown

India’s leading newspaper, The Times of India called on Indians across the country to make and wear their masks as part of the #MaskIndia movement. The movement has made it possible for every citizen of the country to take up the defense of themselves and their families in the largest battle our generation has seen. As a result, over 130,000 inspired Indians took part in videos and selfies with their homemade masks.

12. Kohl’s Christmas video: Give with all your heart.

And finally, a cohort of prints on the topic of social distance:

The numbering, as you understand, is arbitrary – I’m more interested in who the leader, in your opinion, is.

All with Coming, Alina Adt

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