QAnon Shaman had his first court hearing for the invasion of the Capitol- La Noticia

After pro-Trump protesters invaded the United States Congress on January 6, the FBI launched an investigation to arrest those involved.

One of the most famous characters was Jacob Chansley, known as “QAnon Shaman“, The man dressed as a Sioux warrior who attracted attention for his clothing and his statements about conspiracy theories.

This Monday, QAnon Shaman he had his first court hearing to be tried for the acts of invasion of the Capitol. This was published on her Twitter account by the ABC reporter, Melissa Blasius, who also reported that Chansley’s mother complained that her son has not eaten since Friday, because the detention center did not give him organic food.

“Jacob Chansley, also known as Jake Angeli, Arizona man makes his first court appearance on charges related to the robbery of the United States Capitol. Her mother says she hasn’t eaten since Friday because the detention center won’t give her all the organic food, ”Blasius tweeted.

Others arrested for invasion of the Capitol

With efficient work, the FBI has managed to find most of the protesters who invaded the United States Congress and so far dozens of detainees have been reported. One of the extremists who was also arrested was Richard Barnett, the man who sat at Nancy Pelosi’s desk.

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