QAnon shaman is starving in jail because there is no organic food …


The shaman Jake Angeliwho attended the Capitol storm went on a hunger strike in prison – for an absurd reason.! – end fragment ->! – start fragment ->! – start fragment ->

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Last Wednesday, January 6, supporters of Donald Trump stormed the Kaptiol as a protest against his deselection, five people were killed as a result of the events. Several people involved were arrested, including Jake Angeli, the with a horned fur hat and a bare upper body crashed into the capitol.! – endfragment ->! – startfragment ->! – endfragment ->! – startfragment ->

Capitol Shaman only wants organic food in prison

The Trump supporter who calls himself QAnon “shaman” was arrested last Saturday and has been in custody ever since. Like the newspaper “The Arizona Republic” reports, Angeli has been on a hunger strike ever since.! – start fragment -> He’s on a strict diet, according to his public defender Gerald Williams! – startfragment ->! – endfragment ->! – endfragment ->! – startfragment ->

His mother revealed to journalists Martha Chansleythat her son only organically grown foods eat and get “very sick” from other food.! – end fragment ->! – start fragment ->! – end fragment ->! – start fragment -> Because one is obliged to adapt to the prisoners’ eating habits, a solution must now be found, so S-Marshal David Gonzales opposite “The Arizona Republic”.! – start fragment ->

Jake Angeli faces a long prison term

In fact, a judge has already decided that Jake Angeli is given the food he wants! – start fragment -> It will be decided on Friday whether the shaman will have to stay in prison until charges are brought in Washington. Gonzales reckons that if convicted, Angeli could remain in prison for years.

People and Conspiracy Theories: The Michael Wendler Case

The American was one of the most conspicuous people in the storming of the Capitol. He was already known to the US authorities beforehand, among other things because of his participation in protests in Phoenix. In addition, the 33-year-old is, according to statements, on his Facebook page “shamanic practitioner”.! – start fragment -> ! – endfragment ->! – endfragment ->! – endfragment ->! – endfragment ->

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