“QAnon” shaman refuses to eat in prison

Jacob Anthony Chansley, the “shaman” with the fur and horned headdress who has become a symbol of the Capitol occupation, has not eaten since his arrest on Saturday. As his public defender Gerald Williams said in the first court hearing on Monday, the 33-year-old is on a strict diet.

Chansley’s mother Martha explained in an interview with the broadcaster Fox 10, her son would get “very sick” if he didn’t eat organically grown foods. As long as the prison doesn’t offer organic menus, he won’t eat.

Judge Deborah Fine called the situation “deeply worrying”. However, she decided to keep Chansley in custody for the time being. At the same time she ordered attorney Williams to cooperate with the relevant authorities. «Mr. Chansley needs to eat, ”said Judge Fine.

Her son is being “demonized,” says the mother

In the interview, 56-year-old Martha Chansley is completely behind the activities of her son. Jake Chansley is a well-known figure in Arizona with his buffalo horns, painted face, naked torso and spear with the US flag. “He is a patriot who loves his country more than anything,” explained the mother.

He also traveled to Washington on January 6th to support US President Donald Trump. She does not want to recognize any illegal actions on the part of her son during the storming of the Capitol. «The doors of the Congress were open. My son was not part of the crowd who used force to gain entry. He just ran into the Capitol because the doors were open. “

Symbol of strength and resilience

Her son is now being “demonized” because of his outfit, says Martha Chansley. He wears the fur and the horns like a buffalo because this animal is a symbol of strength and resilience.

But it is ridiculous that her son is called a domestic terrorist. He never behaved violently, he was not a vandal. The mother explains why he sat in the chair of the Senate President as follows: Congress did not deserve the respect of the people. That is why it is not disrespectful to sit on the chair of the Senate President.

«Q» sends it to the demos

Jacob Anthony Chansley has repeatedly attracted attention in the past as a supporter of Trump and as a supporter of the right-wing conspiracy theory “QAnon”. On the sidelines of an appearance by Trump in the state of Arizona in May 2020, he appeared in the same disguise and thanked the president and “Q”, an alleged anonymous insider in the highest political circles, whose alleged existence is at the core of the “QAnon” conspiracy theory.

In his social media profiles there are photos that show him in November – without disguise – with Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani, also in Arizona. As an alleged shaman, Chansley appears again and again with the claim that «Q» sent him («Q sent me»). He is one of the most famous faces on the “QAnon” scene.

(The essential / Karin Leuthold)


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