Quantori uses Databricks to accelerate innovation in life sciences and healthcare

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Quantori, LLCthe world’s leading provider of data science and digital transformation solutions for life sciences and healthcare companies, today announced that it has signed a partnership with the company Databrickswhich provides an innovative data storage architecture called data lakehouse, to drive innovation across the drug lifecycle by bringing together data, analytics and artificial intelligence within a a single, simple and open multi-cloud platform.

“Technology is a decisive factor for innovation in the life sciences and disrupts pharmaceutical R&D,” said Richard Golob, CEO of Quantori. “We are delighted that Quantori will become official consulting partner of Databricks to help biopharma customers accelerate their research projects and improve their health outcomes through the power of data and AI. Our data science experts and machine learning engineers have a wealth of experience migrating data to the Databricks Lakehouse platform as well as the deep knowledge of life sciences needed to successfully complete the empirical evidence-based studies that accelerate time to market”.

Databricks has invented a simple, open architecture for data and AI that brings the reliability, governance, and performance of a data warehouse to the data lakes where most enterprises already store their data. Databricks partners currently help customers build lakehouse-like platforms on AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud to support all data and analytics use cases, from data warehousing and business intelligence to to data engineering and AI/AA workloads.

“Databricks is a pioneer of the data lakehouse, which addresses big data challenges in life sciences and healthcare such as data silos and fragmented patient data and provides the ability to in real time to inform treatment decisions,” added Solman Rahman, Quantori Executive Vice President for Europe. “Partnering with Databricks supports Quantori’s goal of acting as a bridge between science and patient success by helping customers streamline the data management lifecycle to accelerate innovation and bringing science from the laboratory to the clinic”.

For more details on Quantori’s Databricks solutions, see the Databricks partner page and the page Databricks on the Quantori website.

About Quantori

Quantors is transforming life sciences and healthcare through the power of digital computing. Quantori develops end-to-end software engineering, scientific computing, data science and AI solutions that enable biopharmaceutical companies to accelerate every step of the drug development process and healthcare institutions to improve outcomes for patients. patients. Quantori combines data engineering and advanced analytics with deep scientific domain knowledge to help life sciences and healthcare players achieve digital transformation faster and more smoothly. To find out more, see www.quantori.com and find us on social networks @Twitter, @LinkedIn et Facebook.

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