Quarrels, alcohol and crazy love: home videos of Evgeny Evstigneev

Irina Tsyvina’s archives were discovered by her son Yevgeny. As it turned out, the valuable videos were kept in an old closet at the dacha. Among the entries is a chronicle of the last years of the actor’s life. In the frame, Evgeny Aleksandrovich appears as the most ordinary person. He smokes, rehearses new roles and occasionally quarrels with his wife. As it turned out, Tsyvina constantly reproached her husband for drinking a lot.

“Do you feel how drunk you are? Here I am showing. These are bottles. Favorite hobby of People’s Artist Yevgeny Alexandrovich Evstigneev during and after work, ”said Tsyvina.

The actor never hid his addictions. All his colleagues knew that Evstigneev likes to drink. At the same time, none of the acquaintances saw the artist drunk as an insole: he always controlled the amount of alcohol consumed.

It is worth noting that the videos, which were made public in the show “Let them talk” on Channel One, capture not only the quarrels of the spouses, but also their tender declarations of love. Evstigneev now and then called Tsyvina “my paw.” Irina admired her husband’s talent. Theater stars were constantly visiting the lovers. In this bohemian environment, Evstigneev felt like a fish in water.

“She certainly cared a lot about him. And it was felt how much Evstigneev loved Irina. He constantly called her, asked how she was? It was rare to see him so agitated, ”said Boris Shcherbakov, who was personally acquainted with Evstigneev.

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Thanks to the chronicle filmed by Tsyvina, fans of the actor learned that he was extremely touchy. So, once the wife criticized Yevgeny Alexandrovich for his dismissive attitude. In response, Evstigneev burst into an angry tirade. “You say things that are simply not worthy to answer. I don’t even want to get in touch with these immature thoughts, ”retorted Evstigneev.

Tsyvina’s son is sure that there is no price for these archival records. That is why he wants to edit a documentary from them. The video will help Evstigneev’s fans understand what their idol was in real life. Also for Eugene, this archive became an opportunity to take a fresh look at his own mother. Irina Tsyvina has repeatedly admitted that it was the years spent next to Yevgeny Alexandrovich that were the happiest in her life.

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