Quarterback in American Football. What is the task of this position?

the Quarterback (QB) is one of the most important positions in American football and represents the heart of each Offense dar. He is the game designer. But what tasks do players have to take on in this position? What is the difference between the classic and modern quarterbacks?

All information about Playmaker of an NFL team.

That’s a quarterback’s job

Before each play, the QB is told a play by one of the coaches. Most of the time it is about Codewörter such as “Blue 18”. On his “wrist coach”, a kind of cheat sheet on the arm of the QB, he can read what the next move means. in the Huddle – a gathering of all eleven offensive players on the field, he announces the move. Every player now knows what to do. The offense then arises at the Line of Scrimmage (LoS) on – an imaginary line on which football lies. Depending on how the Defense sets up, the QB can then use further code words on the field to complete his offense with a “Audible“ switch again. Then the QB gets the ball before each play Snap through the legs of Centers. Depending on the move announced, he now has the option of throwing the ball to one of his pass receivers or to his Running Back (RB) to pass the ball for a run. There are also so-called “Option Plays“. These plays allow the QB to read the defense and then quickly decide during the play whether to hand the ball to the RB, run, or throw.

The Defense Stops The Quarterback: What Happens?

However, if the QB is brought down by the opposing defense behind the LoS while he still has the ball in his hand, this is called a Sack. The next turn then begins from this point. If the QB loses the ball during a play because it is knocked out of his hand, one speaks of a Fumble. The first team to snag that exposed ball gains or retains possession.

The San Francisco 49ers defense brings down the Los Angeles Chargers quarterback. What happens after a sack?
© Photo: Jed Jacobsohn/dpa

What types of quarterbacks are there?

Die modern playmaker in football are clear mobiles than classic quarterbacks like Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. Lightning fast quarterbacks like Justin Fields (Chicago Bears) oder Lamar Jackson (Baltimore Ravens) inspire fans with fast runs into the end zones. It took Tom Brady 21 years to rush for 1,000 yards — Lamar Jackson did it in less than one season in 2019.

Players like Jackson and Fields are constantly being criticized for playing more like an RB than a QB. This is often attributed to the low number of passing yards and touchdowns. However, there are also players who can both pass and run. examples for this are Josh Allen (Buffalo Bills) or Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs), who regularly inspire fans with their skills.

2018 MVP Patrick Mahomes is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

2018 MVP Patrick Mahomes is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.
© Photo: Ed Zurga/dpa

What is the passer rating in the NFL?

That Passer Rating is created for each player (usually just the QB) who attempted a pass in a game. The highest value, the “Perfect Passer Rating”, is 158.3. The lowest is 0. A value of 100 is considered a good game.

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