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Author : David Salazar

Luis Eduardo Toro Londoño, 20 years old, or ‘Queso’.

Luis Eduardo Toro Londoño, 20, was attacked with a firearm while walking through the Ciudadela Compartir neighborhood – Alaska.

Last Friday, July 8, around 10 pm in the Ciudadela Compartir – Alaska neighborhood, in Montenegro, Luis Eduardo Toro Londoño, alias ‘Queso’, was murdered, who had no criminal record or judicial record, according to Olga Patricia Valencia Gómez, secretary of the Government of that locality.

Toro Londoño was on a public road with another young man from the neighborhood, when he was approached by a subject who shot him several times, taking his life and leaving his companion injured, the latter was taken to hospital and, according to Valencia Gómez , is in stable health.

The Secretary of Government was consulted about the latest crime of this magnitude in the town that, according to Daniel Mauricio Restrepo Izquierdo, mayor of Montenegro, has considerably reduced the number of murders compared to last year and other previous terms.

“The last homicide had been registered on June 6, 2022 with a sharp weapon, the person who would have committed the act was captured in flagrante delicto and is prosecuted for the crime of homicide”explained Valencia Gomez.

And he added: “The last homicide registered in the village of Pueblo Tapao was on April 20, 2022. The competent authorities are investigating the motives for this unfortunate event and what happened in the municipality.”

He ended his version stating that “It is important to highlight that tireless work has been carried out with the different authorities to maintain public order and the safety of the inhabitants of the municipality of Montenegro.”

traffic control

Luis Eduardo Toro Londoño, alias ‘Queso’, was murdered with a firearm at 9:56 pm this Friday, July 8, in Montenegro.

The 20-year-old victim was killed by an armed man who approached him in block H of the La Alaska neighborhood of that municipality.

In the midst of this attack, an 18-year-old man, who was accompanying the victim, was injured by one of the shots fired at Toro Londoño.

The companion was transferred to the Roberto Quintero Villa hospital, was stabilized and sent to a medical center with a higher level of care in Armenia. Instead, alias ‘Cheese’ died at the crime scene.

The first hypotheses of the authorities suggest that the hitman attack has to do with the control of drug trafficking and retaliation for it, although this is a matter of investigation.

There were no arrests due to the event and the Criminal Investigation Section, Sijín, attended to the news.

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