Racers: These stars have started new careers

These stars have started new careers

Former stars like Angus T. Jones, Jessica Alba and Frankie Muniz (left to right) are now pursuing other jobs.

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For some stars, time in the spotlight is short-lived. That became celebrities like Jessica Alba and Angus T. Jones.

Not all stars and celebrities spend their entire lives in the spotlight. Some celebrities have embarked on completely new career paths after their great success, and some have taken on more down-to-earth jobs. An overview of former stars who are now pursuing a completely different job.

No Angels singer Vanessa is a neuroscientist

The German girl group No Angels celebrated their greatest successes in the early 2000s, most recently Lucy, Nadja, Sandy and Jessica gathered for a comeback in 2021. However, Vanessa Petruo (43) is no longer a member of the group. In 2014 she announced the end of her career and began studying psychology. After graduating magna cum laude in 2018, Petruo is now researching the human brain as a neuroscientist at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.

“Malcolm in the Middle” star Frankie Muniz becomes a full-time racing driver

Frankie Muniz (37) is a former child star who is best known for the legendary sitcom “Malcolm in the Middle” (2000-2006). After a few other highlights such as the agent comedies “Agent Cody Banks” (2003) and “Agent Cody Banks 2: Mission London” (2004), Muniz’ acting career has flattened out noticeably in recent years. In the 2023 season, Muniz joins a NASCAR racing series as a professional racing driver. On February 18 he will be behind the wheel of his car for the first time in a race.

“Two and a Half Men”-Star Angus T. Jones ist Eventmanager

Angus T. Jones (29) was an integral part of the successful sitcom “Two and a Half Men” (2003-2015) for many years. Because he played the “half man” Jake Harper, the son of Charlie’s (Charlie Sheen, 57) brother Alan (Jon Cryer, 57). After season ten, however, Jones turned his back on the CBS series, first went to college, and then began to work for the company of P. Diddy’s (53) son Justin Combs (29) as an events manager.

Ex-Viva moderator Tobi Schlegl is an emergency paramedic

Tobias “Tobi” Schlegl (45) began his television career as a Viva presenter, switched to ProSieben and moderated the satirical magazine “extra 3” from 2007 to 2011. But then the TV star said to himself: “That can’t be all. That’s why I now want to become a full-time emergency paramedic with the German Red Cross”. Said and done. In 2021, Schlegl even worked as an emergency paramedic on the sea rescue ship Sea-Eye 4 in the Mediterranean. He processed this experience in the successful non-fiction book: “See. Not. Salvation. My days on board the SEA-EYE 4”.

Meghan Markle: From Actress to Duchess

The American Meghan Markle (41) is better known today as Duchess Meghan of Sussex. After a relatively successful acting career that culminated in the popular lawsuit series Suits, Markle turned her back on acting when she met and married Prince Harry, 38. Since then, Duchess Meghan has actually not been seen in fictional roles, but appeared as herself in the Netflix documentary “Harry & Meghan” – and the international gossip press would be unimaginable without it.

The members of Tic Tac Toe

From the mid-1990s, the German girl group Tic Tac Toe caused a stir with their self-confident demeanor and hits like “Warum?” and “I hate you” for a sensation. After a brief comeback from 2005 to 2007, the three former band members Ricky, Jazzy and Lee are now pursuing completely different occupations. Jazzy (47), whose real name is Marlene Victoria Tackenberg, lives with her husband and child in southern France and is a housewife and mother.

Ricky (44), whose real name is Ricarda Priscilla Nonyem Wältken, first began studying to become a teacher, but dropped out and became an occupational therapist, while Lee (Liane Claudia Wiegelmann, 48), the third in the group, was last seen more than ten years ago . At that time she worked as a cashier at the Cologne Zoo. What has become of her since then is not known.

Actress Jessica Alba is a successful entrepreneur

Jessica Alba (41) once appeared in major Hollywood films such as “Fantastic Four” (2005) and “Sin City” (2005). Magazines like “Men’s Health” and “Vanity Fair” voted her one of the most beautiful women in the world. In 2012, Alba founded the successful company The Honest Company together with some business partners, which offers sustainable products and is now traded on the stock exchange. Alba is (as of 2022) Chief Creative Officer of The Honest Company, but also appears sporadically as an actress.

Danny Lloyd from “The Shining” is a biology professor

Another child star: Danny Lloyd (50) played Danny, the son of Jack Torrance, played by Jack Nicholson (85), in Stanley Kubrick’s (1928-1999) masterful Stephen King adaptation “The Shining” from 1980. After just one more appearance in the TV movie Will: G. Gordon Liddy, Lloyd retired from acting in 1982 and is now a professor of biology at Elizabethtown Community and Technical College, Kentucky.


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