Radio Havana Cuba | Arizona has become a great graveyard for victims of the pandemic

Phoenix, Jan 18 (RHC) With hundreds of deaths due to the coronavirus, the US state of Arizona has become a graveyard for victims of the pandemic.

Shocking images show cantineras full of victims of the new coronavirus, which causes COVID-19 in Arizona, in the southwestern United States, the country most affected by the pandemic with more than 24 million infected, of which 407,202 have lost their lives .

Arizona leads the world in average new confirmed COVID-19 cases per capita. The state reports 6,981 cases of the coronavirus on January 17 alone.

What’s more, a spokeswoman for the Arizona health sector warned that hundreds of children are admitted to Arizona hospitals each month for suffering from the deadly virus, which so far has claimed the lives of 11,266 in the aforementioned North American state.

In a message posted on the social network Twitter, Becky Armendariz, a spokeswoman for Banner Health, based in Arizona’s capital Phoenix, warned Sunday that the number of hospitalized children has been increasing since December.

“Look at our data […] of COVID-19. Hundreds a month entering our hospitals in Arizona. Parents, make good decisions to keep your children and the community safe, ”he tweeted.

That while the outgoing US President, Donald Trump, has been the target of wide criticism for his mismanagement of the new coronavirus pandemic, to the point that Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has demanded that he be prosecuted for negligence in managing the virus. lethal.

Ultimately, the North American country, where preventive measures against the virus vary considerably between its states, has opted for a massive vaccination campaign that began in mid-December 2020.

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